Oh that Mischief!

And here is Mischief while we waited to pick up Drama Queen after her first day of school.  I'll try to remember her exact words to put under each photo.

 "Up. Tree. Stick."
(she wanted to put the stick back into the tree it came from)
 "birdie thing. I get."

"I squish bug."

" I fast!"
 "No. Mom."

 "Here Mom, stick."
 "I find sticks."
 "Look Mom."

And these are just my classic Mischief, all taken within one minute(or less).

 "Eat grass Mom"


Burnhams said…
Oh the joys of sticks! She is so happy!
Laurel said…
She was really into the sticks!
sleepless said…
I love it. I almost fell like I was there !! Thanks for sharing !! She is hilarious !
She really is a very cute little girl .... and so funny! A right little Madame! Whilst she is quite like her Dad in looks, her expressions really remind me of yours Abbey!
Kira =] said…
If she had your red hair- the bug pictures remind me of my Agibail =]

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