Remind me why I wanted another kid?

Reminding myself she won't be a newborn forever.  She won't always be a screaming blob of pooping eating squishiness.

Eventually she'll be a screaming defiant toddler. . . .then longer after that a screaming defiant teenager........

I think the whole motherhood is a divine calling thing is a big sham.

At least 3/4ths of the time.


Heather said…
divine=divinity, which is like godliness. So if you can teach and raise children and be a good contributing factor in their upbringing. Teach them correct principles and survive the screaming, sleeplessness, tantrums and everything else, I definitely see it as divine :)
sleepless said…
You sound completely normal to me ! I think EVERY mother feels that way any number of times. If you can hang in there and cope with it day at a time..they turn into REALLY wonderful adults !
Burnhams said…
you should look into cranio sacral therapy. I wonder what that would do for you and your kids. It has done wonders for mine. We even have a gal that accepts medicaid!
You officially hold the record for the amount of posts you are able to blog. You should be paid for it. You know you can monetize your blog? I just saw it and am wondering how much money you would make just by making some ad space on your blog. Apparently the more you blog, the more you can earn, and you my dear, hold the record, as I said.
Kira =] said…
been there, so know what you mean!

It does get better? =]

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