This morning I left the house at 9 am after a pep talk while sitting in the bath.  Why did I need a pep talk? Why for the very long walk I neeeded to take!  I grabbed all we needed and bundled Hazel Mae into the stroller.  She was not pleased with the arrangement, and vocally let me know.  First stop was the elementary school to turn in Drama Queen's Kindergarten packet.  HM screamed the entire time we were in the school office.  I nursed her and then we headed down to the post office.  HM cried part of the way.  Dropped the package there, and decided to stop at Roberts craft on the way home to get drop spindle supplies.  I browsed the dollar spot, and HM protested, so we bought what we'd come for and headed home.  Good Golly!  The closer we got to home the further it seemed and the hotter the day got.  This was my first "exercise" since I was pregnant.  Got home, had some rice for lunch then took a nap with HM.  After nap, I hung wallpaper.  got one wall finished! woohoo! When that was done, I played on facebook for a while, then made some dinner.  After I ate we headed outside and weeded the overgrown front garden.  HM was not so pleased with this turn of events either.  She's my first child to not be calm and happy the moment you step outside.
HM is more of a stay inside and sleep while being held sort.  Which is her current position.  My arm is asleep under her.  She emphasizes her contentment by grasping you shirt even as she sleeps.
Tomorrows goal is to tackle the toy mess and little girl clothes explosion in their room.


Myhouse4nine said…
She clings with her hand so you can't get away right?
Kira =] said…
Do you have a sling to wear her in? If not, I know you could whip one out with your mad crafty/sewing skills. Here is a sight with lots of instructions, etc.

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