Truth is. . .Thursday

Truth is. . .I forgot about it until I saw Julianna's blog post.

Truth's been an off day.  I was in pain all night and then....well you don't want to hear about it, but it's something women have to deal with after having a baby and can result in having to change clothes and sheets.  and then Hazel said she wanted to get up.

Truth is....I laid in bed dozing until 10am.  The girls ran in and out of the room and basically did whatever they wanted, and they were being really good.  Then I made Mr. Man get up and find my motrin and took it then laid there a bit longer until it seemed to be kicking in.

Truth is....I went to Kid-to-Kid (consignment store) and then realized that I had forgotten my wallet.  Browsed their shoes and found the whole two pairs of size 11 shoes they had and asked them to hold the sneakers for me.  I went back home got my wallet and DQ (and Mischief because she didn't want to be left behind) we returned to the store tried on the shoes, DQ gave approval of them, then we browsed the size 5 clothes and I wasn't impressed by much but DQ found a lovely girly flowy green dress.  She and Mischief played in the toy room while I looked at whatelse the store had and got some onesies for Hazel.  I found the box of baby clothes that I thought had the 3 month clothing and discovered it's actually full of 6 month clothes.

Truth is....I cried when I discovered the bag I was putting trash into had a hole and spilt stuff cleaned from teh fridge all over teh kitchen floor.  Mr. Man freaked out a bit.  I don't cry often.

Truth is....Ya, I may have PPD, but I think knowing what it is and how to deal with it this time around helps.

Truth is.....Hazel, Mischief and I hung out on the porch during the rain storm this afternoon.  Well Hazel and I stayed on the porch Mischief played with the grass clippings in the rain.  Hazel loved it and just laid there awake for about 20 minutes.

Truth is.....I have lots of laundry to fold and put away.

Truth is......It's a good thing the rain is coming in at a northern angle, means I don't have to go aroudn closing windows.  Which is good cause I don't feel like closing windows.  and it just started raining hard!

Truth is......I finally figured out how to stop Hazel from leaking all over everything at night.  Stuck a size 1 diaper over the newborn size diaper last night.  No soggy blanket/baby/sheets!

Truth is.....I'm learning to not jump every time Hazel cries.  She's able to settle herself back down sometimes.

Truth is.......Without A Trace is on now so I'm going to go watch it and fold the (never ending) laundry.


sleepless said…
Brilliant diaper idea !!! Take it easy please...mama loves you !!!

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