We've had a fairly peaceful day here.  Mr. Man took DQ swimming and then to the library.  Mischief took a three and a half hour nap.  I took a nap this morning on the couch.  Hazel has slept most of the day.
I got some pants and a top cut out for DQ's kindergarten wardrobe.  Will sew them later once the girls are in bed. Actually used the PANTS pattern instead of the peasant dress pattern.  Anyone running on 4 hours of sleep could have made the same mistake, see how similar they are?  (pants on the left, dress on the right)
Yesterday I had set out to make grey pants for DQ, but grabbed the dress front and back and cut them out as I would have done pants.  As I was removing the pattern pieces I noticed that one of them had a line and the word "waist" in the middle of it.  That's when I realized I had grabbed the wrong pieces.  Not only did that make the grainline all wrong, it also meant instead of a front and a back for a dress, I had to halves of the front and two halves of the back.  Can't just sew them together and pretend it never happened, that'd reduce the width by an inch per piece.  So I made up the "Necessity Dress".  Because Necessity is the mother of invention. And "Invention Dress" sounded lame.
The pink material the dress is trimmed with was originally going to be a shirt to go with the pants.  Obviously that has changed.  I may have some left to make a dress for Mischief or Hazel now.  I'm rather proud of my buttton placket though.  The dress pieces were for a pull over peasant dress (New Look 6882)
It fits DQ well enough and even looks cute as is when on her.  I think I'll add a bow to the neckline or something though.  And I'm trying to get over the fact that now she won't have cute grey corduroy pants.  I've got a thing for grey pants.  

She wanted to try it on over her pajamas so she wouldn't have to put them on again.

In recovery related news....I hurt more now than I did last week.  It's all internal and I started taking the Motrin again today  because of it.  Sneezing hurts so so much even when I have had the pain reliever.  And my body is also not thrilled with my no longer eating for two or at least I assume that's what's causing my "stood up to fast" black outs.  So beyond sewing related stuff I've been taking it easy.  Oh and laundry.  That never ends.


Julianna said…
I have been stuck in the house with Oldest for two days. No Fun.

Thankfully, he's stopped puking. :)

The bright side? I ripped my wedding dress apart last week and haven't had time to put it all back together. Now, It's finished, steamed and ready for wear in 26 days. Yeah!

Oh... and Mt. Laundry is looking more like a bunny slope after working on it for two days.

Feel better, and yes, I am aslo very impressed with you button placket. :) They're not so easy.
Jamie H said…
well, that all makes sense now. Sometimes I forget you blog. The dress is darling, well done you cleaver, cleaver thing!
sleepless said…
plackets are NOT my favorite thing...you did GREAT !
Laurel said…
Love the Necessity Dress!

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