Thursday, September 29, 2011

Instead of facebooking

Between yesterday and today I have cut my sewing and patterns down by half.  I invited people to come over and take what they want, we'll see if that happens.  Whatever is left tomorrow I'll freecycle or take to Savers. 
 I have only (so sarcastic) 3 drawers of patterns and 3 big tubs of fabric left.  Someday I'll defeat my hoarding.  Really.  I'm determined.

Hazel Mae's day is not complete without doing "If you're happy and you know it", "The Wheels on the Bus", and "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes".  She loves them.  These are happy faces:

truth is.....

Truth is.........I filled 6 kitchen garbage can bags full of fabric to go...anywhere but here.  I'm just over it.

Truth is.........I haven't cleaned my house in a while.  It looks bad.  I don't overly care.

Truth is..........Hazel Mae has a very cute smile.  She's not smiling right now though.

Truth is..........Mischief went to bed around 1am.  Drama Queen woke her up at 7am.  Grumpiness ensues.

Truth is..........I'm going to go get the crying Hazel and then make me some oatmeal for breakfast then it will be time to get rid of more patterns.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Getting ready for pictures

In a little over 2 weeks we are going in for our first studio family pictures since Drama Queen was 15 months old.  I think I've mentioned that.

Mr. Man wants us to wear blue.  The color of his polo shirt, though he's going to buy a long sleeve button down shirt for it.  Here's the sort of idea:
 I found a shirt at Walmart the right color, but it's boring.  Infact in my opinion, though the girls dresses are cute, the whole all light blue thing is boring.   If we had money, I'd get us all in grey and yellow outfits.  Loving that color combo trend, though Mr. Man and I wondered whether in 20 years we'll look on that combo the same as the whole brown and gold combos or avocado green and baby poop yellow ones.

So going with what we already own, this is my choice for us to wear, I don't know why it ended up sideways:
And me in this but with a belt, that I think the kids must have been playing with this morning because I couldn't find it.  It's thick and dark brown.
 So, opinions on the side braid.  It's a bit too tame from the other side, need to tease the back and make it more full.  But how to do that to my hair without making it just frizzy?
 I hate how fat I look.  Well, I am.  And don't go on saying I'm not.  I'm fat for me okay?  Fatter than the last time I whined about being fat.  Infact a picture I used to hate because of how big I looked in it, I now look at and wish I were that small.  I seriously love these pants though.
 What are your opinions?  I do have blue shirts for each of the girls as well if we do a more casual look.  If we do that I'm pondering accenting the light blue with yellow.  But Jordan LOVES the girls smocked dresses.  I'm on the hunt for a 5T one for Drama Queen.  I really don't know what I'll wear for a bottom though. Those aren't jeans pictures.  Maybe I could find some nice slacks at the thrift store?  When I went to the thrift store yesterday I went with measurements of my favorite pants, and that's how I found these new favorite pants.  No trying on necessary, which is a must when you have 3 little girls with you.

I thought today was tuesday and was traumatized. Thankfully it is Wednesday.

I'm slowly abandoning facebook.  Today I've been deleting personal information. Yesterday I deleted pictures.  I don't like them doing what THEY want with my stuff.  I'm not deleting my account altogether because I would like to have a way to talk to old friends still as they aren't switching to google+ like I want them too.

Mischief just bit DQ's and nearly broke the skin.  You can see blood under the skin though.  I'm not loving the terrible twos.  I thought DQ's terrible threes was bad, but it was nothing like this.  I hope Hazel will stay a sweet little girl.

P.S.  The leaving of facebook totally means I will be posting tons of random tidbits on the blog throughout each day.

P.P.S. - Three skirts I'm working on.  Though I may scrap the dolly one, too heavy on the Easter colors.  The other two are for my two oldest nieces.  Just need the waistband added.  I so want the strawberry skirt for myself.  Too bad I don't have any more of that green ribbon or red/white polka dots.
Yet another P.P.S. - we're surving today by qubo (Kid's TV show channel.)  even then, we have tears from everyone over many random and unexplainable reasons.  Does anyone ever enjoy being a parent, cause so far it's a lot of work and stress and responsibility.  All kids seem to do is whine and cry and fight and ask questions about things that just seem obvious and make messes.  And that totally sounds like me too........

And in the Worst Mom EVER category........

Hazel Mae was nursing and fell asleep, and was using me as a pacifier.  So trying to be sneaky, I unlatched her, and shoved a pacifier in her mouth.

It instantly triggered her gag reflex and she threw up EVERYTHING she had just eaten.  All over herself and the bed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

DQ sat, looking through the papers in her backpack for about 5 minutes, talking to herself without pause the whole time.

Mischief has screamed about 20 times in the last hour and a half.  How do we break this habit, it simply gets more and more annoying.  We tried smacking her mouth whenever she'd start, but all that has resulted in is her covering her mouth with both hands when she sees us coming after a scream.  We never went through this with DQ.

Hazel has been waking up grumpy.  It's so not cool.  I much prefer smiles to crying.

Mr. Man is at school until 7pm tonight.  shoot.  That means all the girls will have to come visit teaching with me tonight.

Tonight we could (if I called and changed the visiting teaching appointment time) go to Classic Skate for free. Along with everyone else at the elementary school.  And we would be me and the girls, as daddy has class.  So yep, not happening.  Instead they can run amuck around the backyard of the gal we're visiting teaching tonight.

I need to call and set up times with our other two ladies to teach.  I adore both of them.  I hate calling though. Me and phones, just not cool together.  I think we should us all four of us get together with our kids and have a play date, chat, talk about the month's message and call it good.

I need to get more Mixed Chicks stuff for my hair.  My hair simply looks nappy these days.  The ends are so dry.  I want to go some place to get it cut and colored (red of course, like my cousin Becky's).  Or colored and cut, whatever the proper order of things is.  I wouldn't know.  I've only ever done those things myself (or well my mom always did the cutting.

My phone is ringing.  It takes too much energy to get up and find the reciever.

Why do the girls play on their bed more than they do in the playroom with toys?  Infact they hardly ever play with the toys.  That's something Jordan and I have been havin issues with.  They'd rather use their bed as a jungle jim or just draw.  That's what they do all day except when I play with them and do a craft.  My toy of choice........blocks!  I think blocks are the greatest toy ever.  Well, I guess any open ended toy like that is.  Mischief and I played blocks for half an hour yesterday.  So much fun!  Hazel Mae watched.  Drama Queen was over at the grandma neighbor's.

Friday, September 23, 2011

My new pet

Just kidding!  It's going outside to the park in the morning, if it's still alive, which I hope it will be.

This little (ha on the little) fella snuck into the house sometime today.  Probably came in while I had the doors open to cool the house down (Mr. Man has yet to find and put in the screen we have for one of the screen doors, I don't know where he put stuff in the shed and would end up making a mess were I to attempt to find it.) Anyway, it scared the buhgeebers out of me when I sat down to sew and it jumped up and flew across the kitchen.  I grabbed a jar and carefully trapped it.   The kids will love it tomorrow I'm sure.

Mischief will probably scream like the little girl she is and Drama Queen will probably say COOL.  Too bad tomorrow isn't a school day or I'd have her take it with her.  Their butterflies hatched, so maybe they want a new bug to observe.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is.......I was going to write this last night to post today...but like many things this week (month....summer....year) I did follow through.

Truth is.......I am lazy and grumpy and irritable today and did not want to walk to the school to pick up my child.  I did anyway.

Truth is.....I fed the DQ lunch then sent her to the neighbor "grandma" to play.  Now it's just me and a sleeping baby and Mischief who is leaning out the door pretending to be an owl.

Truth is......I used garlic spread butter stuff on my grilled ham and cheese sandwich today instead of trying to attack our stick of butter.  It was really good.  I need to go buy more bread.

Truth is........I set my wallet down somewhere yesterday and don't know where that somewhere is.

Truth s.......I could just make bread, but I prefer store bought white(I know, I know, what is wrong with me?!)

Truth is.......I'm on the laptop and typing is not fun cause there are crumbs under the keys that won't come out so I either have to go back and fix a million typo or take the chance of no one being able to read this.

Truth is.....I have tried many times and many ways to clean under the laptop keys.

Truth is.......I'm going to drink another root beer and try to remember where my wallet is so we can go get more bread, and some scalloped potatoes mixes to go with tonight's pork loin.

Truth is......I love shopping at Sam's Club, though it's far away (15 to 20 minutes).  Samples win me over.  Last week they had the Apple smoked bacon wrapped pork loin.  It was so yummy.  That's what we're having tonight.  With burnt green beans (intentionally) and imitation texas roadhouse rolls, if I am able to wake up enough to cook that is.  My head is in a fog today and if I lay down and close my eyes I'd be asleep instantly.

Truth is.......Mischief woke up 3 times last night.  That's 2 times more than Hazel did.  Ugh.

Truth is........I'm tired of the mess and wish I could just get rid of everything without remorse.  The fear of remorse and needing things again is what holds me back.  I think.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Wednesday.

This month, my goal was to add to our food storage.
At the beginning of the year we ate through almost all our food storage (and went from having a little debt to a lot more using credit to pay bills and eat).
And I'm happy to say I have successfully added somethings.....spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, canned peaches, flour, 18 liters of water, 7 boxes of cereal, 30 packets of maple/brown sugar oatmeal (the only kind Mischief will eat), canned chicken, and powdered milk.  It's not much, but hey, we'll have plenty for breakfast for a few months, right?

Other random news.....
I fit size 10 pants!  That's right I am actually wearing a pair of pants that does not have an elastic waist band.  They fit fabulously too.  They're Levi's I got on ebay, I was hunting for cute high waisted pants to hold in the belly skin that will be around for another year or two (due to my lack of desire to exercise).  Only trouble with these pants is that they're "tall" and I'm on the verge of "short/petite".  I'll get around to hemming them, but a wonderful quick solution was those "button" pins the dollar store sells. I forget what they're actually called, I bought them a long time ago to use on headbands, but they come with 4 pairs of pins and are intended to be used on your waist band to make the band larger or smaller.  Instead I folded up my pants and pinned them in place.

Mischief has been eating less and less, so I bought some pediasure and she's been having 2 or three each day this week and finally she's not waking up at night wanting to eat or crying about being hungry during the day.  What she has against solid food I just don't know.  Today at the grocery store I had her pick out ten gerber toddler meals (they were on sale) and she actually ate half of one for lunch today!!  I know that's not much, but for her it's a huge step.
We forgot to buy more bananas though.  I'll have to go out and get some as the girls at the last two this morning.

First, Yahoo changed the mail I left and joined google facebook changed the newsfeed and it's stupid stupid stupid........joined Google+ but there aren't many people there yet.  If blogger changes things.......then I may just give up on using the internet for anything more than watching tv and window shopping.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutu Tuesday: Mothering moment

(Her opinion of cooperating for a picture this morning.......)
DQ was incharge of cleaning off the table for our craft.  So she did and I gave her the papers for our pictures, and daddy came home from school.  He made his lunch and sat down and DQ got upset because she was trying to put the papers on the table for our craft.  I made her decide which was more important at the moment, daddy eating lunch or us doing a craft and she said daddy eating.  So I said okay bring me the papers and I'll hold onto them so they don't get lost while we wait.  She brings me one and then runs to get the other which she has to peel off the table because Mischief spilt her water on the table at lunch.  I asked why the paper was wet, she tells me because Mischief made a mess when we were eating.  I ask why she didn't clean up the water when she was cleaning off the table. She says she tried but the apron wouldn't clean up the water real good.  I ask what she should have used instead and she tells me that there weren't any towels to clean up.  I know there's one hanging on the stove, because I used it at lunch.  I tell her that because she chose not to properly clean up the table before putting the papers on it, then she gets the paper that got wet.  Instant tears. It's dry now, but maybe (and maybe not) she'll learn to actually clean off the table properly and not put papers in wet spots.

(She was more agreeable to a photo yesterday morning)
I made a cute headband bow for her with felt a stretchy headband from a pack we got at the dollar store.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting closer!

Well.........I didn't get all the fabric up behind the shelves, but I was ready for everything to be off the floor.  So here's the playroom nearly put together.

Got to finish putting those toys up, then I'll put the rug back down.
Still need to pain the grey wall some happier color then put up pictures and things.

Today I also got the dresser moved into the girls room.  Will get their room picked up tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting clean in 10 steps

Step 1: Get grossed out by how smelly you are and how matted your hair feels.

Step 2: Make sure at least one child is sleeping.  Preferably the one who is extremely disagreeable due to not having had a nap in 2 weeks.  Sure she'll be awake when you're ready to go to bed, but at least you'll both still be alive.

Step 3: Check on the baby to be certain she is at least still asleep even though it's been an hour since you nursed her and laid her down so she may wake up any moment.

Step 4: Peek in on oldest child who's in the playroom.  Do not inform her you're going to take a shower or she'll want to come too or she'll immediately ask to watch TV or play on the computer.

Step 5:  Turn on the TV to kid shows as you go by.  Make sure the volume is low so the oldest doesn't automatically hear it.  This is to distract her if and when she heads to find you.

Step 6: Spend the first 15 minutes combing out tangles and the post partum hormone related hair loss.  Leave this in the shower to give you something to talk about with your husband as he's so chatting since he only has 2 days with you a week.

Step 7: do a quick shave since tomorrow is Sunday and your legs are hairier than the man's.

Step 8: wash all exposed skin.

Step 9: if you think you have enough time relax and enjoy the warm shower, but chances are the baby is crying loud enough for the whole complex to hear.

Step 10: get out of the shower and realize that September is a good month to put up the bathroom storm window.
Mommy is tired, thirsty and irritable.
House is messy messy messy.  Seriously.  No one is allowed to come over .
Internet is being slow.
Monk is yet another rerun I have seen.
Mischief will be wide awake at 8 or 9 because she went to bed at 4:30.  She was much in need of sleep.
Hazel is asleep.  That won't effect her sleeping tonight though.
Drama Queen is playing.  Finally.  She has wanted to be entertained at all times this week.  It's really irritating for her to be demanding what to do next after two hours of solid interaction.  Just kidding her playing alone lasted for only 20 minutes and now she wants to suck more life out of me.
How to make a paper airplane tutorial complete.  Let see how long that keeps her busy.
Mr. Man is at work.  No more over night shifts for him.  YAY!  Now he's entirely closing, day side, or bikes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is......I actually didn't have a kid in my bed last night.

Truth is......Hazel slept in her crib last night with just one feeding at 3am!

Truth is......that 3am feeding coincided with Mischief waking up and coming to ask for milk.

Truth is.....Mischief didn't really eat yesterday, so I'm not surprised she woke up twice last night asking for milk (first time was around 10).

Truth is......I get to go grocery shopping today, so I'm going to go finalize my shopping list.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutu Tuesday

Drama Queen:  Today she learned letter "L"  and that is is for Lion.  Except for some reason my kids have difficulty telling the difference between a lion and a tiger so half the time DQ was telling me L is for Lion and the other have saying L is for L-Tiger.  She's made a friend in her class and I love that the two uniquely named children have struck up a friendship.  Her friend's name is Rivers.  She walks to school with her mom and younger siblings too, but they live the opposite direction from the school.

Mischief:  her rash has come back as though it never started going away 2 weeks ago.  It seems to me the antibacterial cream was helping and the doctor was wrong about it all being yeast related because she switched Mischief to just a yeast cream (instead of the other yeast cream and an antibacterial cream).  It was coming back slowly after that switch, and then we finished up the oral antibiotic and wham her rashes were back as though they'd never been treated.  I continued the yeast cream for another week, with no difference, so I've stopped that now.  This morning I decided we'd have a diaper-free day, but she couldn't keep from scratching (which results in bleeding and a worsening to all that was scratched) so instead I laid her down on some pre-folds (cloth diapers) and poured hydrogen peroxide on her bum one.  Instant fizzies.  She was not impressed, though I think it was more from the sudden cold and wetness than from the mild sting that went away quickly.  I did her thigh/groin rashes too, and she had no problem with them since she could see what I did and decided it was just water I was pouring on.  The fact that it made bubbles on her was helpful as well. Once the bubbles went away and it'd started to air dry, i patted her dry (I'm not patient) then coated everything in neosporin.  I'm looking into getting more prefolds or flat folds to start cloth diapering her again and I'm going to not use a cover during the day and just use a wool soaker with them at night in hopes that that will help.  I'm also going to be starting her over on food.  Like a 6 month old.  Basic, bland and alkaline, introducing one new thing at a time to see what she reacts to.  I found this post on Mamapedia and it sounds like her daughter had the EXACT same thing Mischief has, I sent her a message and I'm hoping she responds.  Her post about it is 2 years old though......
At Hazel's doctor appointment today I asked him "hypothetically" what he'd do for a diaper rash that wouldn't go away.  He would recommend allowing lots of diaper free time and plenty of barrier cream (aka destin) when a diaper was on.  I asked what if that didn't work.  He said then he'd think yeast infection and treat it as that.  I asked what if Nystatin didn't work (he looked surprised I knew it by name), and he asked me to describe it and said then he'd certainly want to take a look at it and it'd probably be something he'd treat with an oral antibiotic.  I said okay, I'd make an appointment for my other daughter.  He asked if it was Mischief, who was there and I said yes.  He said he wanted to take a look at it now if he could.  He looked at it and said that the red open spots looked like they could use neosporin and the spots that were just red and hot, well he really wondered what was causing that, but he'd recommend just keeping neosporin on it until it cleared up, and if it didn't clear up, bring her in then.
THANK YOU!!  Triple Antibiotic ointment (neosporin) is the only thing that had any effect on it (i've tried so many things on it) but the tube says not to use it over a week without consulting a physician.  When I mentioned it to the pediatrician Mischief and Drama Queen go to, she told me not to use it, but the items she gave me to use did nothing.  So I'm sticking with my neosporin!!!  And if that doesn't work, I'm taking her back to Dr. Adams instead of her normal Ped.

Hazel:  Poor Hazel got 3 shots today and an oral vaccine.  She is now 2 months old!  She loves to be awake and part of the action. And unfortunately that's all she gets for her blurp because she's not happy at the moment.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I was impressed today when Drama Queen was telling Hazel about her day (she tells me what letter she has learned.  That's it.  Hazel is the only one who gets the full scoop).  This morning they raised the flag.  I don't know if this is an every Monday thing as this is the first Monday the kindergarteners have been there, but I hope it is.  From our perch infront of the house East of the elementary school, Mischief and I couldn't hear anything said as they raised the flag, though I recognized the faint strains of the national anthem as they played it, but DQ was telling Hazel about them raising the flag and singing songs and I asked if they did the pledge of allegiance.  She said she didn't know.  But that they did "it" (I'm assuming the moment of silence we saw) because of the planes that crashed "You know Mom?"  I was able to keep from crying as I said yes, I do know.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simply Sunday

Finding beauty in an everyday event.
Daddy getting out Hazel's bubbles.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's been a Pinteresting week.

That's right, this week I joined Pinterest.  And by golly do I love it!!  The easiest way to describe it for those who don't know about it is to say it's like bookmarking webpages, but with pictures.  It is seriously awesome.  You can browse everyone's "pins" and find so many gorgeous pictures, neat sayings, funny quotes, lovely decor ideas, and of course...........tutorials.  So many tutorials you'd have to have searched hours for before, looking at this website and then that seeing if it's got an idea you like or a how to on what you're thinking of.  No more, at a glance you can find something fabulous.  This week, as of writing this, I have 1,299 pins.  Two of which I went ahead and copied.  First we have a Button Monogram.

I pinned it from Angelina Ward's Craft Ideas board.  I made it my own by using The Family: A Proclamation To The World as the background instead of words and definitions.  I went to the Distribution Services store and picked up a large copy of it for 50 cents.  Then we went to the thrift store where I discovered some of my mom's awesome "it will be there" powers had rubbed off on me and found the exact size frame I needed.  11 x 17 is not a common frame size. and only $2.99!!  (yes our thrift store is a rip off when it comes to frames, $2.99 is the cheapest they have and they go up and up and up in price, it makes Walmart the place to go normally).
It was a bit more difficult to make the letter the right size.  I taped two standard size pieces of paper together to fit the frame and then measured and drew a box to show how big the letter, an R for our family name, needed to be.
I gave it a 1 1/2" margin at top and bottom and 1 inche at each side.
Then I printed.....or tried to print an R big enough to fill it.  Which was size 1200 font and only showed half the letter.  After much fiddling, I successfully pieced together an "R" I liked and traced it onto the background.
I couldn't decide between brown, red, or green buttons so I asked my husband for his opinion and he liked the green ones, and I'm very happy with how it's turning out!  I think the green was the right choice it's so pretty!  Unfortunately though I feel like I have an endless supply of buttons, I ran out of green and need to get more, so this will have to wait until tonight to be finished:

Another item I discovered on Pinterest is this lovely sun print.  It's available on etsy for $25.  As much as I dread going outside some days, I do love sunshine and have a board entitled Sunshine that is filled with simple things that make me happy.  I love this picture because everything about it is bright and happy.
But I'm not willing to spend $25 of my paypal money for it.  So instead I went to Roberts Craft and picked up a few sheets of textured scrapbooking paper and then to the thrift store where I found this beautifully painted square board (orange) for $2.99 - plus 20% off cause I had a coupon.  I'm all for good deals!  And last night I cut and arranged and taped and today I'll mod podge this:
Not an exact copy, and far from perfect as all I could find was a child-size pair of scissors.  But I think it's still cute and has character.  It will be for the play room.

But wait, there's more!  Also thanks to Pinterest, my girls now have this cute picture in their room.  The nursery is down one picture cause I stole the frame from the nursery wall to put this in it. It's a free printable that you can get at Lily and Thistle.  I printed it on my last sheet of white cardstock.

I also picked up some $3 frames at Walmart so I could frame these for two of my visiting teaching sisters and one for myself.  I love having a cute visual reminder of what the month's lesson is!  Many thanks to for these free printables!

The last thing I made use of from Pinterest is the 30 day Mom challenge.  It will also be going on the playroom wall

And you soon may not be having any pictures on here that I've taken as my camera's health is declining day by day.  It took 7 attempts to get it to work just to take that last picture.  It's been deteriorating for the last month.  Not wanting to read the memory card.  Turning on but not doing anything.  Or just plain not turning on even though it had a full battery.  *sigh* darn electronics, why can't they just keep going and going?!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Once upon a time, about a year or so ago, a blog called Childhood Magic existed.  Many here in blogland were heartbroken when it ceased to be because it was an amazing blog.  Full of picture and inspiration by a semi-hippie, homeschooling mom named Ariella.  If you search "Childhood Magic Ariella" You can find some interviews or guest posts she did on other blogs.  Though I saved a few of her pictures they all saved very tiny, so it's hard to see the details.  Her kids playroom is entirely what inspired my vision for our own play room.

Expanding them kills the quality her photos had.  She was a very inspiring blogger, sharing crafts and beautiful bits of their life.  She actually made me have a desire to go to Florida, purely to find this tree they played at regularly:


Childhood Magic was the reason I wanted to learn to make various Waldorf crafts, and really peaked my interest in Waldorf Steiner education.









So......I miss her blog.  And I'm trying to emulate all she inspired in my own playroom.
And the truth is that's what is on my mind today.
That and sleep.
And both make me want to cry.
But I'm actually happy.
Cause I'm sure that makes lots of sense.