DQ sat, looking through the papers in her backpack for about 5 minutes, talking to herself without pause the whole time.

Mischief has screamed about 20 times in the last hour and a half.  How do we break this habit, it simply gets more and more annoying.  We tried smacking her mouth whenever she'd start, but all that has resulted in is her covering her mouth with both hands when she sees us coming after a scream.  We never went through this with DQ.

Hazel has been waking up grumpy.  It's so not cool.  I much prefer smiles to crying.

Mr. Man is at school until 7pm tonight.  shoot.  That means all the girls will have to come visit teaching with me tonight.

Tonight we could (if I called and changed the visiting teaching appointment time) go to Classic Skate for free. Along with everyone else at the elementary school.  And we would be me and the girls, as daddy has class.  So yep, not happening.  Instead they can run amuck around the backyard of the gal we're visiting teaching tonight.

I need to call and set up times with our other two ladies to teach.  I adore both of them.  I hate calling though. Me and phones, just not cool together.  I think we should us all four of us get together with our kids and have a play date, chat, talk about the month's message and call it good.

I need to get more Mixed Chicks stuff for my hair.  My hair simply looks nappy these days.  The ends are so dry.  I want to go some place to get it cut and colored (red of course, like my cousin Becky's).  Or colored and cut, whatever the proper order of things is.  I wouldn't know.  I've only ever done those things myself (or well my mom always did the cutting.

My phone is ringing.  It takes too much energy to get up and find the reciever.

Why do the girls play on their bed more than they do in the playroom with toys?  Infact they hardly ever play with the toys.  That's something Jordan and I have been havin issues with.  They'd rather use their bed as a jungle jim or just draw.  That's what they do all day except when I play with them and do a craft.  My toy of choice........blocks!  I think blocks are the greatest toy ever.  Well, I guess any open ended toy like that is.  Mischief and I played blocks for half an hour yesterday.  So much fun!  Hazel Mae watched.  Drama Queen was over at the grandma neighbor's.


The Leaf said…
Matthew's a screamer too. He is not over it yet, but time outs help a lot for him. Usually he doesn't actually even need a time out, he just needs to be reminded, "No, screaming please. That's a time out." And he remembers and quits. I also like to let him in the backyard every once and a while and let him get all his louds out. For him, I think he just likes the sound. As I was typing this he let out a loud scream!
Kira =] said…
Try your hardest to keep your cool with the screaming- as if it doesn't phase you- as you put her in time out. I've been checking out the self government site. I'll have to dig up the url.

I know what you mean with your hair. Isn't Mixed Chicks the b.e.s.t.? I'm waiting for Ben to get paid from his last side job so I can get some more. It's been over a month and my hair just looks nasty. *sigh*

Blocks are awesome!! I love toys that can be whatever you imagine them to be. Mom has these awesome ones we called "H Blocks" from when Miles & Jotty were little. You can build lots of things with those. They consist mostly of a plast shape that looks like an H with a 2nd line going across the middle.

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