Tutu Tuesday: Mothering moment

(Her opinion of cooperating for a picture this morning.......)
DQ was incharge of cleaning off the table for our craft.  So she did and I gave her the papers for our pictures, and daddy came home from school.  He made his lunch and sat down and DQ got upset because she was trying to put the papers on the table for our craft.  I made her decide which was more important at the moment, daddy eating lunch or us doing a craft and she said daddy eating.  So I said okay bring me the papers and I'll hold onto them so they don't get lost while we wait.  She brings me one and then runs to get the other which she has to peel off the table because Mischief spilt her water on the table at lunch.  I asked why the paper was wet, she tells me because Mischief made a mess when we were eating.  I ask why she didn't clean up the water when she was cleaning off the table. She says she tried but the apron wouldn't clean up the water real good.  I ask what she should have used instead and she tells me that there weren't any towels to clean up.  I know there's one hanging on the stove, because I used it at lunch.  I tell her that because she chose not to properly clean up the table before putting the papers on it, then she gets the paper that got wet.  Instant tears. It's dry now, but maybe (and maybe not) she'll learn to actually clean off the table properly and not put papers in wet spots.

(She was more agreeable to a photo yesterday morning)
I made a cute headband bow for her with felt a stretchy headband from a pack we got at the dollar store.


Laurel said…
Nice Mommy moment!
sleepless said…
It is incredibly hard to be the oldest little girl !!!!!

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