Drama Queen the little person.

The girls were in their room playing and screaming.  Screaming far too much.  Mr. Man yells for Drama Queen to come to him.  "What do you think you're doing?" he demands.  To which Drama Queen says innocently, "We're just having fun laughing and and being friends."  I really don't understand how he was able to continue scolding her after that.

Today Drama Queen decided she was going to make us toast for lunch.  "Cause Namma showed me."  She asked for the bread. I gave it to her.  She got out the butter and a knife and put chunks of butter on the bread. "I know we have to cook the butter because it got frozen."  AND THEN  she says "Now I need a pan."  Uh what?  Yep, we're doing toast on the stove top.  She gets the small cast iron skillet from the back burner of the range.  "Here one is."  I ask if it's clean.  "Yes." she says without even looking.  I tell her to look in it and see if it's clean. She looks.  "Yes, it's clean."  I toss 3 more items in the washer and hear "It's only a little dirty."  I had to laugh at that.  Indeed, it was only a little dirty with some crumbs from when Namma made them toast (I'm assuming).  So I put it the pan in place and turned on the burner.  She unceremoniously drops one 'buttered' slice of bread in then sits down.  "Now we wait for it to cook."  After a while of her not even looking at the stove, I ask her "How do you know when it's done?"  "When the timer beeps."  She informs me.  Oh good golly.  I point out that we didn't set the timer, and I got up and flipped the bread (which hadn't even browned yet, but that's okay.)  She was ecstatic to have toast she made for lunch with some meat and cheese and a peach.

A picture by Drama Queen:  "I'm tired of my Halloween costume.  See my tired face? And my tongue is sticking out?"
 And here are some pictures she drew at school:
This is DQ on her first day of school "See, I went down the slide and the swings and I sat on the rug with the Xs"
 This is a jar with a cocoon.  And the leaves for the caterpillar to eat.
 A caterpillar eating a leaf.
A Butterfly


Julianna said…
Looks like you have a budding artist on your hands...
sleepless said…
Okay, In my defense..we had been play with the toy stove and pan and bread..and she wanted to try it for real in the kitchen...so we did. She can learn cooking things you know..you all learned to make french toast in Headstart !. I love her artwork and logic !
Laurel said…
I like the caterpillar eating a leaf.

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