I was impressed today when Drama Queen was telling Hazel about her day (she tells me what letter she has learned.  That's it.  Hazel is the only one who gets the full scoop).  This morning they raised the flag.  I don't know if this is an every Monday thing as this is the first Monday the kindergarteners have been there, but I hope it is.  From our perch infront of the house East of the elementary school, Mischief and I couldn't hear anything said as they raised the flag, though I recognized the faint strains of the national anthem as they played it, but DQ was telling Hazel about them raising the flag and singing songs and I asked if they did the pledge of allegiance.  She said she didn't know.  But that they did "it" (I'm assuming the moment of silence we saw) because of the planes that crashed "You know Mom?"  I was able to keep from crying as I said yes, I do know.


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