Instead of facebooking

Between yesterday and today I have cut my sewing and patterns down by half.  I invited people to come over and take what they want, we'll see if that happens.  Whatever is left tomorrow I'll freecycle or take to Savers. 
 I have only (so sarcastic) 3 drawers of patterns and 3 big tubs of fabric left.  Someday I'll defeat my hoarding.  Really.  I'm determined.

Hazel Mae's day is not complete without doing "If you're happy and you know it", "The Wheels on the Bus", and "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes".  She loves them.  These are happy faces:


Burnhams said…
cute little Hazel! I cant wait to get my fabric :)
sleepless said…
Love the happy faces !! Wish I could come get fabric stuff...Did you put it on free cycle ?
The Leaf said…
If you have any royal blue fabric that you are getting rid of, please send it to me! I will email you with the why.

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