It's been a Pinteresting week.

That's right, this week I joined Pinterest.  And by golly do I love it!!  The easiest way to describe it for those who don't know about it is to say it's like bookmarking webpages, but with pictures.  It is seriously awesome.  You can browse everyone's "pins" and find so many gorgeous pictures, neat sayings, funny quotes, lovely decor ideas, and of course...........tutorials.  So many tutorials you'd have to have searched hours for before, looking at this website and then that seeing if it's got an idea you like or a how to on what you're thinking of.  No more, at a glance you can find something fabulous.  This week, as of writing this, I have 1,299 pins.  Two of which I went ahead and copied.  First we have a Button Monogram.

I pinned it from Angelina Ward's Craft Ideas board.  I made it my own by using The Family: A Proclamation To The World as the background instead of words and definitions.  I went to the Distribution Services store and picked up a large copy of it for 50 cents.  Then we went to the thrift store where I discovered some of my mom's awesome "it will be there" powers had rubbed off on me and found the exact size frame I needed.  11 x 17 is not a common frame size. and only $2.99!!  (yes our thrift store is a rip off when it comes to frames, $2.99 is the cheapest they have and they go up and up and up in price, it makes Walmart the place to go normally).
It was a bit more difficult to make the letter the right size.  I taped two standard size pieces of paper together to fit the frame and then measured and drew a box to show how big the letter, an R for our family name, needed to be.
I gave it a 1 1/2" margin at top and bottom and 1 inche at each side.
Then I printed.....or tried to print an R big enough to fill it.  Which was size 1200 font and only showed half the letter.  After much fiddling, I successfully pieced together an "R" I liked and traced it onto the background.
I couldn't decide between brown, red, or green buttons so I asked my husband for his opinion and he liked the green ones, and I'm very happy with how it's turning out!  I think the green was the right choice it's so pretty!  Unfortunately though I feel like I have an endless supply of buttons, I ran out of green and need to get more, so this will have to wait until tonight to be finished:

Another item I discovered on Pinterest is this lovely sun print.  It's available on etsy for $25.  As much as I dread going outside some days, I do love sunshine and have a board entitled Sunshine that is filled with simple things that make me happy.  I love this picture because everything about it is bright and happy.
But I'm not willing to spend $25 of my paypal money for it.  So instead I went to Roberts Craft and picked up a few sheets of textured scrapbooking paper and then to the thrift store where I found this beautifully painted square board (orange) for $2.99 - plus 20% off cause I had a coupon.  I'm all for good deals!  And last night I cut and arranged and taped and today I'll mod podge this:
Not an exact copy, and far from perfect as all I could find was a child-size pair of scissors.  But I think it's still cute and has character.  It will be for the play room.

But wait, there's more!  Also thanks to Pinterest, my girls now have this cute picture in their room.  The nursery is down one picture cause I stole the frame from the nursery wall to put this in it. It's a free printable that you can get at Lily and Thistle.  I printed it on my last sheet of white cardstock.

I also picked up some $3 frames at Walmart so I could frame these for two of my visiting teaching sisters and one for myself.  I love having a cute visual reminder of what the month's lesson is!  Many thanks to for these free printables!

The last thing I made use of from Pinterest is the 30 day Mom challenge.  It will also be going on the playroom wall

And you soon may not be having any pictures on here that I've taken as my camera's health is declining day by day.  It took 7 attempts to get it to work just to take that last picture.  It's been deteriorating for the last month.  Not wanting to read the memory card.  Turning on but not doing anything.  Or just plain not turning on even though it had a full battery.  *sigh* darn electronics, why can't they just keep going and going?!


Julianna said…
OOO... I totally have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!
Aimee said…
as always amazing :) can you send me an invite to pintrest???

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