Mommy is tired, thirsty and irritable.
House is messy messy messy.  Seriously.  No one is allowed to come over .
Internet is being slow.
Monk is yet another rerun I have seen.
Mischief will be wide awake at 8 or 9 because she went to bed at 4:30.  She was much in need of sleep.
Hazel is asleep.  That won't effect her sleeping tonight though.
Drama Queen is playing.  Finally.  She has wanted to be entertained at all times this week.  It's really irritating for her to be demanding what to do next after two hours of solid interaction.  Just kidding her playing alone lasted for only 20 minutes and now she wants to suck more life out of me.
How to make a paper airplane tutorial complete.  Let see how long that keeps her busy.
Mr. Man is at work.  No more over night shifts for him.  YAY!  Now he's entirely closing, day side, or bikes.


sleepless said…
very interesting..thanks for a the clues of your lives..maybe Mr. Man should feel better hopefully !

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