My new pet

Just kidding!  It's going outside to the park in the morning, if it's still alive, which I hope it will be.

This little (ha on the little) fella snuck into the house sometime today.  Probably came in while I had the doors open to cool the house down (Mr. Man has yet to find and put in the screen we have for one of the screen doors, I don't know where he put stuff in the shed and would end up making a mess were I to attempt to find it.) Anyway, it scared the buhgeebers out of me when I sat down to sew and it jumped up and flew across the kitchen.  I grabbed a jar and carefully trapped it.   The kids will love it tomorrow I'm sure.

Mischief will probably scream like the little girl she is and Drama Queen will probably say COOL.  Too bad tomorrow isn't a school day or I'd have her take it with her.  Their butterflies hatched, so maybe they want a new bug to observe.


sleepless said…
grasshoppers just like this eat your garden...
AbigailDawn said…
It's actually a Katydid which aren't too big a threat to gardens. They like to eat leaves such as they look like (I didn't get a good picture of it's leaf wings)
Julianna said…
I jarred a stink bug last night from the ceiling of my bedroom.

That is one bug you don't want to squish in your bedroom.


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