Once upon a time, about a year or so ago, a blog called Childhood Magic existed.  Many here in blogland were heartbroken when it ceased to be because it was an amazing blog.  Full of picture and inspiration by a semi-hippie, homeschooling mom named Ariella.  If you search "Childhood Magic Ariella" You can find some interviews or guest posts she did on other blogs.  Though I saved a few of her pictures they all saved very tiny, so it's hard to see the details.  Her kids playroom is entirely what inspired my vision for our own play room.

Expanding them kills the quality her photos had.  She was a very inspiring blogger, sharing crafts and beautiful bits of their life.  She actually made me have a desire to go to Florida, purely to find this tree they played at regularly:


Childhood Magic was the reason I wanted to learn to make various Waldorf crafts, and really peaked my interest in Waldorf Steiner education.









So......I miss her blog.  And I'm trying to emulate all she inspired in my own playroom.
And the truth is that's what is on my mind today.
That and sleep.
And both make me want to cry.
But I'm actually happy.
Cause I'm sure that makes lots of sense.


sleepless said…
You have attained alot of these looks ! I see where you are coming from with your play room and toys...and I would love to play in that tree too!!!

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