Random Wednesday.

This month, my goal was to add to our food storage.
At the beginning of the year we ate through almost all our food storage (and went from having a little debt to a lot more using credit to pay bills and eat).
And I'm happy to say I have successfully added somethings.....spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, canned peaches, flour, 18 liters of water, 7 boxes of cereal, 30 packets of maple/brown sugar oatmeal (the only kind Mischief will eat), canned chicken, and powdered milk.  It's not much, but hey, we'll have plenty for breakfast for a few months, right?

Other random news.....
I fit size 10 pants!  That's right I am actually wearing a pair of pants that does not have an elastic waist band.  They fit fabulously too.  They're Levi's I got on ebay, I was hunting for cute high waisted pants to hold in the belly skin that will be around for another year or two (due to my lack of desire to exercise).  Only trouble with these pants is that they're "tall" and I'm on the verge of "short/petite".  I'll get around to hemming them, but a wonderful quick solution was those "button" pins the dollar store sells. I forget what they're actually called, I bought them a long time ago to use on headbands, but they come with 4 pairs of pins and are intended to be used on your waist band to make the band larger or smaller.  Instead I folded up my pants and pinned them in place.

Mischief has been eating less and less, so I bought some pediasure and she's been having 2 or three each day this week and finally she's not waking up at night wanting to eat or crying about being hungry during the day.  What she has against solid food I just don't know.  Today at the grocery store I had her pick out ten gerber toddler meals (they were on sale) and she actually ate half of one for lunch today!!  I know that's not much, but for her it's a huge step.
We forgot to buy more bananas though.  I'll have to go out and get some as the girls at the last two this morning.

First, Yahoo changed the mail system.......so I left and joined google mail..........now facebook changed the newsfeed and it's stupid stupid stupid........joined Google+ but there aren't many people there yet.  If blogger changes things.......then I may just give up on using the internet for anything more than watching tv and window shopping.....


sleepless said…
congratulations !!! size 10 is good !

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