Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is.......I was going to write this last night to post today...but like many things this week (month....summer....year) I did follow through.

Truth is.......I am lazy and grumpy and irritable today and did not want to walk to the school to pick up my child.  I did anyway.

Truth is.....I fed the DQ lunch then sent her to the neighbor "grandma" to play.  Now it's just me and a sleeping baby and Mischief who is leaning out the door pretending to be an owl.

Truth is......I used garlic spread butter stuff on my grilled ham and cheese sandwich today instead of trying to attack our stick of butter.  It was really good.  I need to go buy more bread.

Truth is........I set my wallet down somewhere yesterday and don't know where that somewhere is.

Truth s.......I could just make bread, but I prefer store bought white(I know, I know, what is wrong with me?!)

Truth is.......I'm on the laptop and typing is not fun cause there are crumbs under the keys that won't come out so I either have to go back and fix a million typo or take the chance of no one being able to read this.

Truth is.....I have tried many times and many ways to clean under the laptop keys.

Truth is.......I'm going to drink another root beer and try to remember where my wallet is so we can go get more bread, and some scalloped potatoes mixes to go with tonight's pork loin.

Truth is......I love shopping at Sam's Club, though it's far away (15 to 20 minutes).  Samples win me over.  Last week they had the Apple smoked bacon wrapped pork loin.  It was so yummy.  That's what we're having tonight.  With burnt green beans (intentionally) and imitation texas roadhouse rolls, if I am able to wake up enough to cook that is.  My head is in a fog today and if I lay down and close my eyes I'd be asleep instantly.

Truth is.......Mischief woke up 3 times last night.  That's 2 times more than Hazel did.  Ugh.

Truth is........I'm tired of the mess and wish I could just get rid of everything without remorse.  The fear of remorse and needing things again is what holds me back.  I think.


Burnhams said…
get rid of stuff! It is so nice! your sandwich sounds SO yummy!

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