Tutu Tuesday

Drama Queen:  Today she learned letter "L"  and that is is for Lion.  Except for some reason my kids have difficulty telling the difference between a lion and a tiger so half the time DQ was telling me L is for Lion and the other have saying L is for L-Tiger.  She's made a friend in her class and I love that the two uniquely named children have struck up a friendship.  Her friend's name is Rivers.  She walks to school with her mom and younger siblings too, but they live the opposite direction from the school.

Mischief:  her rash has come back as though it never started going away 2 weeks ago.  It seems to me the antibacterial cream was helping and the doctor was wrong about it all being yeast related because she switched Mischief to just a yeast cream (instead of the other yeast cream and an antibacterial cream).  It was coming back slowly after that switch, and then we finished up the oral antibiotic and wham her rashes were back as though they'd never been treated.  I continued the yeast cream for another week, with no difference, so I've stopped that now.  This morning I decided we'd have a diaper-free day, but she couldn't keep from scratching (which results in bleeding and a worsening to all that was scratched) so instead I laid her down on some pre-folds (cloth diapers) and poured hydrogen peroxide on her bum one.  Instant fizzies.  She was not impressed, though I think it was more from the sudden cold and wetness than from the mild sting that went away quickly.  I did her thigh/groin rashes too, and she had no problem with them since she could see what I did and decided it was just water I was pouring on.  The fact that it made bubbles on her was helpful as well. Once the bubbles went away and it'd started to air dry, i patted her dry (I'm not patient) then coated everything in neosporin.  I'm looking into getting more prefolds or flat folds to start cloth diapering her again and I'm going to not use a cover during the day and just use a wool soaker with them at night in hopes that that will help.  I'm also going to be starting her over on food.  Like a 6 month old.  Basic, bland and alkaline, introducing one new thing at a time to see what she reacts to.  I found this post on Mamapedia and it sounds like her daughter had the EXACT same thing Mischief has, I sent her a message and I'm hoping she responds.  Her post about it is 2 years old though......
At Hazel's doctor appointment today I asked him "hypothetically" what he'd do for a diaper rash that wouldn't go away.  He would recommend allowing lots of diaper free time and plenty of barrier cream (aka destin) when a diaper was on.  I asked what if that didn't work.  He said then he'd think yeast infection and treat it as that.  I asked what if Nystatin didn't work (he looked surprised I knew it by name), and he asked me to describe it and said then he'd certainly want to take a look at it and it'd probably be something he'd treat with an oral antibiotic.  I said okay, I'd make an appointment for my other daughter.  He asked if it was Mischief, who was there and I said yes.  He said he wanted to take a look at it now if he could.  He looked at it and said that the red open spots looked like they could use neosporin and the spots that were just red and hot, well he really wondered what was causing that, but he'd recommend just keeping neosporin on it until it cleared up, and if it didn't clear up, bring her in then.
THANK YOU!!  Triple Antibiotic ointment (neosporin) is the only thing that had any effect on it (i've tried so many things on it) but the tube says not to use it over a week without consulting a physician.  When I mentioned it to the pediatrician Mischief and Drama Queen go to, she told me not to use it, but the items she gave me to use did nothing.  So I'm sticking with my neosporin!!!  And if that doesn't work, I'm taking her back to Dr. Adams instead of her normal Ped.

Hazel:  Poor Hazel got 3 shots today and an oral vaccine.  She is now 2 months old!  She loves to be awake and part of the action. And unfortunately that's all she gets for her blurp because she's not happy at the moment.


sleepless said…
We wish doctors knew it all..but they don't.
Burnhams said…
I hope you find some answers for the poor things rash!
Laurel said…
Sophie gets bad diaper rash too, she's my first kid that really got it at all! But, she just has very sensitive skin, she's had it so bad that she's been bleeding once or twice. Today I was letting her crawl around naked booty btwn diaper changes and she peed on the floor.

Thankfully though, hers has always cleared up pretty easily. Poor little Mischief!

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