Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

I always found the Halloween scene in Meet Me in St. Louis thoroughly entertaining.  But wondered about it.  There's no trick or treating as we knowing.  Just the kids running amuck the town destroying stuff and "killing" the people  (throwing flour in their faces).  Then I watched National Geographic's documentary on Halloween and learned that yep, that's what used to happen and it brought about trick or treating because kids were given treats in stead of the destruction or "tricks".  Huh.  Now you know.

Well even though half the houses we hit did not answer, we were nice and did no tricks.  The girls had a great time getting treats.  Mr. Man convinced them to wear their costumes and even he dressed up.  I tried to, i had half my costume on, couldn't find the skirt though.  My closet is a disaster.   After we did our trick or treating we went to the Bishop's house for some food.  Thanks Green family!!  I didn't have to make dinner!  I now forgive our ward for not having a trunk or treat, haha.

 Bumblebee and Butterfly Princess
 One of the things I love about living where we do, is we knew almost everyone we ran into or trick or treated   to.
 Hazel Mae, Queen of the Wild Things.
I wasn't able to catch her "Are we done yet" look that she kept giving us.

 Some of these steps up the the doors were SO big for Mischief.  We had to constantly empty her basket to reduce her chance of falling off balance and down stairs.

 A bit of socializing over the candy bowl.
 Handsome Mr. Man.  My mom made his shirt, I made the doublet.  Tristan Boots from Museum Replicas Limited (I think they're just called Museum Replicas now).
And all but 9 pieces of candy are in a box waiting for the pumpkin fairy to turn them into toys tonight.   We are quite fond of this tradition we are creating.  Kinda worried about Mischief's conprehension of it.  She did great with it last year......

Make it Monday

Make it........Clean!  (Pinterest gets total credit for the deep cleaning happening in my kitchen)

 Folded them all while watching a Lifetime movie.

Make it........Yummy!

Make it.........when your mom refuses to buy one........(Drama Queen is ingenius with punching the holes it for the stick to go through!)

Make it.............a costume!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A lesson from Mischief

How to get out of being scolded and having your mouth smacked after shrieking yet again (because your big sister wouldn't let you steal her toy)............

When you see mommy headed toward you, throw your arms open and exclaim adoringly "Mama!!"

And as mom starts remembering why she was coming over, wrap your arms around her neck and press your cheek to hers while sweetly whispering "Hi Mama."

If she starts talking again just snuggle closer.

Vacuum with a Dyson

Once upon a time I was left alone in an exboyfriend's house over a weekend and I proceeded to make use of their Dyson.  And fell in love!  Seriously, Dyson's are the most awesome vacuums ever.  Fast forward 2 years and my mom gifted us with a (much needed) vacuum, a Dyson, cause I loved them.

We've been using our Dyson for a little over 5 years now.  It's still going strong.

One of my favorite things about the Dyson's is it's easy to take apart.  It's MADE to be taken apart.  So you can fix things and check for clogs yourself.  We've had to do that once.  And discovered a pencil, a paintbrush, and various other large bits inside blocking certain tubing.  I blame the at-the-time two year old.

Today I did something you're supposed to do every 6 months (hahahahaha).  I cleaned my dyson.  Now, we have cleaned the brush at least half a dozen times.  It gets pretty junked up with how much I shed, as well as thread bits from sewing and yarn bits from the kids projects.  Infact I need to do that again.

In conclusion, I think everyone should own a Dyson.  I will never own any other vacuum.  Yes they're a bit pricey, but I figure they last close to forever (if I recall properly, ours is a factory refurbished one).  And just because it seems what you're supposed to do I'm going to mention that Dyson has no idea who I am, nor that I love their vacuum so much and are not involved in this post praising their product in anyway.

Infact we kinda abuse our Dyson.  And by we, I mean the other adult in my household who occasionally vacuums and when doing so doesn't bother t scan the floor for large not vacuum friendly objects.  Today's impromptu cleaning was due to the fact that the Dyson wasn't have quite the power it normally does, it was still sucking stuff up, but not as strongly as usual.  And I discovered the culprit.  Someone at some point vacuumed up two full animal crackers, a 1-1/4" screw, half a crayon and a screw hook.  They were causing a blockage, resulting in a back up.

Problem fixed, vacuum is good as new.

Friday, October 28, 2011

There goes the chocolate cake.....

Yes, it's true, today we finished off the chocolate cake I made two nights ago.  I ate at least half of it and indeed the scale crept up above 150.  Horror of horrors!!!  What with that, and my jealously that Julianna has lost 5 pounds and the Bahama cruise which is looming ever closer, I have decided okay, I have to officially change my eating habits and not count the ever so slow due to keeping pace with a five year old  walk to school as my exercise for the day.

Tomorrow starts my 6 week boot camp.  Well, tonight does, but who officially starts live changes at 8pm?  I just got back from the grocery store where I got a LOAD of produce as well as some plain nonfat greek yogurt (sorry Hazel, it's just SO good!) and slim fast shake mix.  I don't really eat breakfast, so I'm going to start changing that by at least having a shake each morning.  Of course I just realized I forgot to pick up some rice or coconut milk.  Will get some tomorrow.

My goal, beside the desire to not be in maternity pants any more, is to fit into my swimsuit (a size 10) by December 15th.  I'd share a picture of how it is fitting but it doesn't cover some essentials.  Oh I'll just put a cami on under it......

Weight: 151.4 pounds
Bust - 41 inches
Waist - 37 inches
hips - 42 inches
thigh - 25 inches
upper arm - 12 inches

My goal is to still walk to school at least once a day, but for my exercise I will either do a video or two or go to the gym (we have a family pass after all).  I will have three highly nutritious, low fat meals a day, as well as 3 snacks.  I'm not going to eat after 7pm as that is when I'm a chocolate, baked good, ice cream, cookie candy, junk food of any sort snack offender.   I will check in with my stats every friday night.  Goal is simply to fit my super cute swimsuit.

And now I must go.....Forney (as in Where the Heart is - I don't know the actor's name) is on C.S.I. Miami.


I was making oatmeal for Mischief and I to fill our tummies and warm up after the cold walk to the school.  Her's overflowed because I wasn't thinking and put it in a small bowl.  She looked at it and exclaimed "Mine throw up?!"  Yes kiddo, yours threw up.
Even as she's eating it she is muttering occasionally, "fro-ed up."


I've shared many of Drama Queen's drawings on here.  I'm just very impressed, most of the time, with her artwork.  She does occasionally just scribble, and to keep from getting irritated I have to pull out the book I made as a child that is entirely scribbles. Or not scribbles.  Perhaps I'll share it sometime.  Or not.  Anyway, DQ is not the only pint sized artist in our house.  Mischief puts us in awe frequently as well.  The girls spend much of their days drawing away.  We go through a lot of paper.  It really makes me wish the mobile home park had recycling or that we had a compost heap.  Today I was picking up the hallway and discovered this picture.

The excess of tiny circles is characteristic of Mischief's artwork, so I knew it was hers.  But really, wow.  The child is only 2 and look how much personality each person has!

I love it!!  I need to find a frame for it......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Conversation with Mischief

Makee dinna?
Making Lunch.
For you.
Hot gog?
Yep, hot dogs.
Mischief is getting good at dressing herself!  She can do pants all by herself now!

OOOooooooo, Irish dancing on Sesame Street. "One, Two, Three, Four, Keep your heels up off the floor."

Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is....I really should have taken a before picture of the TV room on Tuesday night.  It's a nice way to appreciate the after even more.

Truth is......I love caffiene.  But only like once every three days otherwise it doesn't have the proper effect of making me feel like myself again.  

Truth is......having a cell phone again is really weird.  And boring compared to Mr. Man's who got an iphone 3.  I didn't want to pay for two data plans though.  Granted I still ended up with a touch screen which I did NOT want.  They had no phones that were just normal.  I mean sure, it's been 2 years since we had cell phones, but really, what happened to a good old fashioned fold it in half so you don't butt dial 9 key cell phone?

Truth is.......I'm jealous of his iphone3.  It's camera is way better than whatever this phone he picked for me has.  It's my fault though for not saying that if they had no flip phones/no phones that did not have touch screens, then get me an iphone3.  We could have both had the last two Target had.

Truth is........we get an employee discount on our phone plan.  Isn't that so awesome?  It's the only thing keeping me from growling at him about how much extra his data plan costs when the whole point of getting cells was that it'd cost less than what we're paying now for phone and internet.

Truth's my goal to have an easy clean house by the end of the year.  Each "donate" bag I fill is one step closer!  Though I'm mildly sad at no longer havin a chip/dip platter.  It took up way too much space though for something used only once a year......and not used for 3 years......

Truth is........once my house is not a frightening disaster any longer I'll have more time for fun drawing.  My girls are inspiring me to start drawing again an I'll be able to thanks to the sketch pads my parents gave me!

Truth is......I'm slow to admit I'm a decent artist.  But it's true, I'm not shabby for having had only one drawing class.  Granted that class was 7 years ago.....and I wish we had spent more time on crosshatching.  I really liked doing it.  Here's my radish, bell pepper, and broccoli:

And that's the one crosshatching class we did the whole semester.  *sad face*
This is Kim, she was one of my friends in the class.  We had to draw each other.  That's as much of her as I was able to get done in the 2 hr class.  I'm slow.  At least she has the essence of hair, right?

Truth is......I'm totally going to frost a granola bar with chocolate frosting right now.  I want chocolate......

Truth is......I call Hazel Mae by her middle name sometimes......lots of times.   Pondering requesting everyone to do so.  I think she looks it more than she looks a Hazel Mae.  I know that totally leaves any non-family clueless.  Sorry.

Truth is.....I'm bored.  Nothing to do online and no books to read, well I do have a few Christian romances I haven't read yet, but I'm in the mood for mystery.  Guess I'll go put laundry away and empty the dishwasher.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Jack O'lantern!

At school Tuesday, trucks full of pumpkins parked on the playground and the classes were called over the intercom one at a time to go and get a pumpkin.

DQ was SO excited to get to carve a pumpkin finally for this year's Halloween.  She drew out the face she wanted and I punched it into the pumpkin.  I cut out the eyes and she did the nose and mouth

 Mischief was a bit upset at not being allowed to use a pumpkin knife.  But this was Drama Queen's special pumpkin.

 Mischief checking to see if anyone is paying attention to her alligator tears.
 Cute baby toes.

 She wanted a happy pumpkin not a scary one.
 Doing pumpkin impressions.