Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is. . . I'm tired.

Truth is. . . I'm cold.

Truth is. . . I feel yucky.

Truth is. . . My house smells funny cause we didn't vacuum out the heater vents AND the heater needs new filters.

Truth is. . . I'm lonely.

Truth is. . .  My house is an overwhelming disaster area.

Truth is. . . I wish there were someone I could hire to sort through our crap and get rid of most of it.

Truth is. . . I could go to sleep, but I'm worried if I do then my two sick babies will wake up and wake me up and I'll be grumpy.

Truth is. . .  I'd rather be really tired and able to be compassionate than be a notch less tired and briefly grumpy.

Truth is. . . If I had a thousand dollars I'd get me a super cute wardrobe that fits.
Ya, I've been window shopping on Maurice's.

Mischief is starting to wake up.  Her first words?  "[Drama Queen] back?"

Truth is ....last week I didn't give Julianna the credit she deserves for making the cute button at the top of this post!


Julianna said…

You started the whole thing honey! You should get props too!

Trishgoger said…
. Want to organize buttons?!
AbigailDawn said…

Trish you crack me up! Now you've got me buying tic tacs.......
Kira =] said…
I love the tic tac box idea!! Mom & I were just staring at her button box wondering how we could ever get it organized.

I know what you mean about someone else organizing everything. If only. But at the same time I feel so accomplished when I do it all by myself- even though I refuse help (contradiction, I know).

Have you tried taking B12 vitamins? I've actually noticed a difference for me. Especially the days after I've gone to bed at 2am and kids are up at 6am (and are not taking naps anymore).
Patty said…
Thanks for checking out my blog. What a beautiful family you have! I'm loving your pictures. And the way you write. It's so friendly and open. Watch out... I might become a regular.
And as for the Christmas music playing... it's only happening when the husband is at work. All evidence must be hidden before he gets home! :)

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