Make it Monday - Felted Acorns

It always erks me when I can't find a tutorial for something that must be so easy but sells for so much.  One of those things is felted acorns.  I found them on etsy last year (or perhaps the year before) and thought they were so cute, but at a minimum of nearly a dollar each, I just couldn't buy them.  I mean really?  Acorn caps are free!  It takes only a tiny amount of wool roving to do it I was sure.  And I was right.  A few weeks ago Mischief and I gathered acorns at the hospital.

After sitting outside for a week or so, I decided it was safe to check them, but discovered there were a few acorn weevil larvae sneaking out, so I spread them out to hatch a bit longer.

I did gather all the loose caps though (one had one of the larvae in it, I just tapped it out).  Anyway, enough rambling by me.

Felt Acorns Tutorial


  • Acorn caps
  • wool roving
  • as hot as you can handle water
  • liquid dish soap
The process is a whole lot like the wet felted wool ball tutorial I did before.  These are just a smaller size.  

Get a small amount of your plain wool roving (or you could just do it in the color only I'm sure - my pieces averaged about the size of my hand) and tightly roll it into a ball.

Be careful not to let go of it and gently sink it into your water.  Hold it under until the bubbles stop, carefully lift it out and squeeze a drop of soap onto it.  Gently rub the soap around the wool until the entire outside is coated.

Now harken back to your playdoh days and roll that ball of wool between your palms, very very gently.  Once the outer fibers have fused together you can use more pressure until it forms into a hard ball.  I tend to redip and squeeze repeatedly through the process.  Do whatever works for you.

Stretch out a bit of your chosen color and wrap it around the ball.  Repeat the process you did to the ball until the color is fused on.  

 (no the yellow didn't turn orange when wet, I remembered to take pictures at various times as I made 10 of these)

Squeeze out the excess water and let dry.  Or if you're impatient like me, roll it tight in a towel repeatedly until it feels dry.

Pick an acorn cap and test the fit.  You don't want the ball to fall out and you don't want it to look like it's bulging out from the cap.  Tuck it in.  

I suppose you could glue it in if you'd like, but I'm choosing not to.  That may change if my girls decide to try and pull them out.  I'm thinking this is how you make wool beads as well.


they are really lovely Abi! What a quaint, unusual and cute idea, I would never have thought of that!!!! Respect, from France!!!
Julianna said…

But still too much work for me. :)
Laurel said…
Very cute! Now please make about 100 of these for my living room tree. :)
Starr Ann Frei said…
Now I just need a tutorial on how to make all fabric acorns to make into buttons for Scarlet's halloween costume. I suppose I should start working on that soon.
Seth said…
Congratulations Abby!
Heather said…
amazing! and so pretty, good job
Emily Robertson said…
Those are so cute! I love them =)
sleepless said…
this is soooo interesting and, you are sooo good at it !!! thanks for sharing.

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