Make-it Monday - Red Ribbon Week

It's Red Ribbon Week at Drama Queen's school.  Each day is a different thing:

Monday - Wear Red Day
Red is an anti-drug color.  Say "no" to drugs by wearing red.

Tuesday - Crazy Sock Day
"Sock" it to drugs by saying "no".
Wednesday - Crazy Hair/Crazy Hat Day
Crazy hair and crazy hats are cool.  Drugs are not cool!
Thursday - Super Hero Day 
Be a super hero and be drug free!
Friday - School Spirit Day (Wear Blue)

So it seems it will be a week of crafting for me!  Why?  Well it started last night at 9pm.......I hunted up DQ's only red shirt (Thanks Namma!):
It's cute, and would be just fine with jeans, but golly, can I leave ANYTHING alone?  Why let my child be a walking Old Navy billboard when she could be boutique chic!   I've been wanting to try doing a "bib" or "placket" type thing to shirt ever since I saw such from Matilda Jane or Persnickety.  So that's what I did:
Not perfect, but hey I was making it up as I went along.  And then I of course couldn't stop there......
That's right a skirt too.  It didn't turn out quite how I'd like either, but that's what I get for deciding to invent things while she's asleep.  She's wearing her red tights and brown boots with it.

Sometimes I get tired of my kids clothes.  After seeing the same things repeatedly for months I end up doing what gets my organized clothes boxes unorganized.  Take Mischief's outfit today for example.  Super cute tunic with leggings/thick tights and knee boots:
Totally cute right?  Ya, her tunic is a size 6-12 months dress.  

Since we're talking clothes.....Here's today's fall inspired outfit.  I give all the credit of my interest in looking nice (despite being wider than I'd like) and figuring out how to accessorize to pinterest  and some gals in my ward. 
Simple but the scarf gives it an extra umph, right?  And helps distract from my too wide torso. I couldn't find my straight leg jeans to tuck in my boots, so I squeezed into a pair of pre-baby pants.  Squeezed being the operative word.  


sleepless said…
What a really awesome post !! Thanks for all the sharing ..great idea for Drama Queen's clothes... and poor "little" Mischief . !!! You look real nice..yes, the scarf balances out the hips. So nice to see you !
Kira =] said…
Adorable! All 3 of you!! You are crazy talented!! Even if I thought about doing that to a shirt, I wouldn't have a clue how to do it, or the fabric!

You Rock!!

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