"OOOOOOOOWWWW!" I hear DQ scream from the playroom.  I run over to find Mischief standing over DQ, a toy in her hand.  Tearfully, DQ tells me, "She hit me on my head with that toy."  I scold Mischief.  "Do we hit?"  "No." "Did you hit [Drama Queen]?" Mischief looks at me, eyebrows raised, "No."  She holds out her toy.  It's Strawberry Shortcake.  "Did Strawberry Shortcake hit [Drama Queen]?"  "Yes."  *insert mom eye roll here*   Then came the discussion of how TOYS do not hit either.

And I totally made her make Strawberry Shortcake apologize for hitting.


Kira =] said…
I love your solution! That is awesome!!
Shannon said…
We have boy at preschool who CONSTANTLy has to have his baby jaguar (a stuffed animal) be put in time out because "Baby Jaguar attacked".

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