Right now.........
The washer is running, washing the cover for the double jogging stroller that has been sitting under our carport for a year.  We got it on freecycle, and it needs a little work.  Mr. Man took it apart last week so we can get the cover fixed, it needs new straps.  He also wanted to dye it so he bought some denim blue RIT dye at Walmart and I'll be doing that tonight after it gets washed.  Then it will be my job to sew on new straps, and put the back poles back it (had to unpick the stitching to get them out for washing).  And he figured out a way to secure it open (reason it was freecycled, the latches for the open position broke off).

Right now.........the tv is on with no one watching because I decided to come check my (72) email messages.

Right now........Mr. Man is doing his math homework.

Right now.........three little girls are sleeping.

Right now..........my eyes are burning from my contacts being in for 14 hours, but they have at least 2 more hours to go. (I'll be picking up my new glasses tomorrow).

Right now........I'm ignoring that the answering machine says we have messages. I don't call after 8pm if I can help it, so there's no point in listening to them right now.

Right now........I'm going to return to the tv room and work on picking it up.  Probably while drinking some cherry pepsi (or water, it's sounding good today) and eating a peanut butter snickers (so better than normal snickers).


The Leaf said…
Is the cover made of a synthetic material? Because they usually don't dye so well.

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