Some mornings I just wake up different than other mornings.  Some mornings it's easier to have fun and be nice and friendly.  Some mornings all just feels right in the world.

Oddly enough, today is one of those mornings.  Peculiar since I can't breathe through my nose and I can feel the post nasal drip coating my throat.  The netipot did help relieve that for a little while!

Good morning everyone!  After nearly a week of rain and gloom, the skies are clear today and it is delightfully sunny.  Hazel Mae is down for her noonday nap.  Mischief is down for her I'm sick and cranky nap.  Drama Queen is in the play room doing portraits of all the stuffed animals.  Mr. Man is in the shower trying to get warm and I am in the kitchen cooking lunch (small pasta shells with browned butter and garlic) while browsing etsy - today's search is "farm fresh"  intended to find things made with the cute riley blake fabric line, and instead finding wonderful goat soap and darling lamb pictures, which are actually local!

On days like this I want to be super mom and get everything done.  Unfortunately I don't have the energy for it.

Here is the book DQ made all by herself (punched holes and all.  bound with a pipe cleaner)
 frog mini beanie
 I'm sure you can figure her out:


sleepless said…
Dang, she is good !
Jennifer said…
DQ is such an artist! Lovely!
Myhouse4nine said…
Very recognizeable!!!!
Shannon said…
She is a very good little artist! I am very impressed!
Trishgoger said…
That's a better hello kitty than I could do!

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