Started Christmas talk with my husband today.  Need to make sure we're on the same page come December.  And that page is that bills are more important.  Not that we had a huge christmas last year, but some money did get spent on stocking stuff and food and some bills didn't get paid which effected this entire year's bills.  Anyway.  I informed him that we WILL have a small Christmas this year.  One present for each girl from each of us (cause his mind can't seem to comprehend joint presents) preferably handmade or at least under $10.  He already has Mischief's gift, an adorable Mickey Mouse that he grabbed off Target Clearance.

I asked Drama Queen, If you only could have ONE present for Christmas, what would you want that present to be?  and her answer was "A doll.  A baby doll."  Cause Baby Jo was lost.  So I better get talking with my MIL since Mr. Man says she said she'd take care of that, I need to be sure she will, if not I did get a back up one on ebay a few months ago for $13.  Decided I didn't want to go through this trauma again, and with three girls, each having their own Huggums.....a back up is a good idea.  Especially when they cost $30 to $50 new.

Mind you, I'm not quite sure how Christmas is going to work this year.  The week before is going to be extremely busy, so we'll see.  Anyway.  As of right now my gift plan for each is:

Drama Queen - either felt food or baby accessories.  As in new clothes for her doll she will be getting.

Mischief - either baby doll accessories, cause this kid LOVES her baby doll and is mommying every day, or a quiet book.

Hazel Mae - clue.  Probably nothing.

If I do doll stuff for DQ I'll probably just do doll stuff for Mischief also because I can imagine the fights that would ensue otherwise. I'm also worried that if I do a quiet book for Mischief, DQ will want it and they will fight and thus it won't be a quiet activity.



Burnhams said…
Sounds like a good plan. I vote HM gets nothing. We didnt get T anything last year. This year our kids each get 2 things. thats it. that is enough.
Laurel said…
I've wanted to make Quiet Books for my kids every year probably since Natalie was a baby, but for some reason it never happens. I fear that they will get bored with them after just a few weeks though, my kids always want to trade Church toys with whatever kids are sitting near us.
sleepless said…
make H. a hand puppet for Christmas....she will love it.

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