Mischief hasn't eaten much for a while.  She'll drink pediasure, but eat very few solids.  The past few days she has had diarrhea.

Yesterday, since this is a happy get-everything-paid-and-still-have-some-money month, we decided to go to dinner.  Drama Queen was having dinner at her best friend's house for the friend's birthday, so we figured 2 kids hurray!  We went to Yamato, a japanese restaurant we love and haven't been to in months.  There was some massive group there and so we had to wait for a table.  In the process of waiting, Mischief covered her mouth, and yet spewed everywhere.  Sorry Yamato.  The employees were all busy so we didn't have a chance to catch someone's attention to the disaster on their floor before rushing her outside as she made motions of about to do it again.  Interestingly enough it was the few bites of food I'd gotten her to eat at lunch that she spewed.  6 hours later.  Does she have a digestion issue I wonder?

Anyway, she was hysterical that we did not eat so we hit Del Taco's drive thru and got her a burrito, which she never ended up eating, but it calmed her down.  At home, gave her a bath, got her in jammas, she pretended to eat food, then asked for num-num and bed.  Gave her them.  She falls asleep.  DQ comes home, goes to bed and is asleep.  Mischief starts crying.  Go in.  She's covered in vomit.  Take her pillow and blanket and jammas, throw them in the washer.  get her calmed down and cleaned up.  She asks to go back to bed.  Put her to bed.  2am she comes to me asking for a drink.  I tell her there's a cup of juice (pedialyte) on her bed.  She goes finds it, goes back to sleep.  4:30am.  She's back, crying and stinking of vomit.  I stick her in the shower and then go strip her bed down to the mattress pad.  She wants me in the shower with her.  Sit in the shower for half an hour.  Dry her off, and snuggle on the couch watching PBS.  After an hour of that she asks to go to bed.  Put her to bed.  Wake up at 8am to Drama Queen's laughter and Mischief's crying.  Yell for DQ to leave her sister alone and let her sleep.  No such luck.  Mischief crawls into bed and takes over Dad's spot as he vacates it to get ready for school.
I get the phone, call the pediatricians and get an appointment for 9am. We all rush to finish getting ready.  It's SO cold outside, no time to pay attention to that too much though.  10 minutes late to appointment, but they don't care, no other patients are there.
Mischief tells the doctor "hurting" and points to her tummy.  The doctor figures it's just a bug or something Mischief ate.  (note: I didn't repeat myself yet again that she DOESN'T eat, so it's not that)  Dr. notes that Mischief's throat is red, does a strep test.  It's positive.  Case supposedly solved.

I've had a sore throat off and on for a week.  Guess I've got strep too.  will go in tomorrow.  Hazel has been fussy about eating for a week.  Bet she has it too.

It snowed briefly today.

Mischief is now asleep on the couch. Under 2 blankies because we haven't put the storm windows up yet, it's just the beginning of October!  it's freezing though.  Our A/C unit is still in the window, it was like 90 last week.

I'm going to eat now.  Mr. Man is going to try and keep DQ and him out and about today, as he has had no symptoms and DQ hasn't said anything about her throat being sore.  Going to do our best to avoid spreading this further.

I still don't think the vomiting and diarrhea has been addressed.  This may explain why she's been eating fewer and fewer solids.  She's been able to keep down some pedialyte and a one inch section of banana so far.  Daddy was given a shopping list of things to get for her:  Pedialyte, applesauce, infant rice cereal, french bread (so she can eat the middle), popsicles, saltines.

Hazel Mae trying to sleep off her sickness.

 Mischief delighted to have food. (another inch of banana and 3 tablespoonfuls of watered down applesauce)
 DQ "reading" a fancy nancy book and watching Martha speaks.  So like me.


Kira =] said…
If you pump at all and Mischief would be willing to drink it, I would give her some breastmilk. Higher calories, gentle on the stomach, antibodies, etc.

That is very trouble about her not eating and all her symptoms. I would suggest they run a lab on a stool sample- much better chance of finding the true problem.
Mandi said…
SO sad for you guys! yuck. :( By the way, I may be wrong, but I thought babies can't get strep?

I know its different for kids and adults and for kids with strep it makes their stomaches very sick. When I get it it never gets my stomach but when my girls do its diarrhea and throwing up, have always told that's a symptom. feel better cute girl!!
sleepless said…
Those are HARD days !! Hang in there !! Don't forget helps.

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