There goes the chocolate cake.....

Yes, it's true, today we finished off the chocolate cake I made two nights ago.  I ate at least half of it and indeed the scale crept up above 150.  Horror of horrors!!!  What with that, and my jealously that Julianna has lost 5 pounds and the Bahama cruise which is looming ever closer, I have decided okay, I have to officially change my eating habits and not count the ever so slow due to keeping pace with a five year old  walk to school as my exercise for the day.

Tomorrow starts my 6 week boot camp.  Well, tonight does, but who officially starts live changes at 8pm?  I just got back from the grocery store where I got a LOAD of produce as well as some plain nonfat greek yogurt (sorry Hazel, it's just SO good!) and slim fast shake mix.  I don't really eat breakfast, so I'm going to start changing that by at least having a shake each morning.  Of course I just realized I forgot to pick up some rice or coconut milk.  Will get some tomorrow.

My goal, beside the desire to not be in maternity pants any more, is to fit into my swimsuit (a size 10) by December 15th.  I'd share a picture of how it is fitting but it doesn't cover some essentials.  Oh I'll just put a cami on under it......

Weight: 151.4 pounds
Bust - 41 inches
Waist - 37 inches
hips - 42 inches
thigh - 25 inches
upper arm - 12 inches

My goal is to still walk to school at least once a day, but for my exercise I will either do a video or two or go to the gym (we have a family pass after all).  I will have three highly nutritious, low fat meals a day, as well as 3 snacks.  I'm not going to eat after 7pm as that is when I'm a chocolate, baked good, ice cream, cookie candy, junk food of any sort snack offender.   I will check in with my stats every friday night.  Goal is simply to fit my super cute swimsuit.

And now I must go.....Forney (as in Where the Heart is - I don't know the actor's name) is on C.S.I. Miami.


Emily Robertson said…
You will do amazingly!!!
Julianna said…
Oh Honey.... I haven't seen 151 in five years, easy. :)

And my 5 lbs is because I was really eating bad before... I'll level off, and next week they are running all my sugars at the doctors with a "goal" in mind.

My point? DO NOT be jealous of me... actually, I'm a little jealous of the cruise you have coming up. :)
sleepless said…
Good Luck Darlin !!! It is so hard, but, you have a goal !!

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