Today is brought to you by Endocet.

Mandi is right, babies don't get strep!  Oh well, better safe than sorry right?  The Nurse Practitioner we saw said she does have some post nasal drainage and her right ear may or may not develop into an ear infection, and he did a strep test just to humor me be sure.

I'm behind on our crafts!

On Thursday we copied a craft I found on Pinterest for a googly eye frame, need to get some smaller google eyes to fill in a few spots and add my own touch to it (I'm proud of myself for not controling where Drama Queen put the big google eyes).   Frame and googly eyes are from the dollar store.

Yesterday we made mummies out of pipe cleaners "chenille stems" and some batting/fabric strips from the DI pile.

Today I pulled out my stamps and am letting the girls go at it.  I really wish I had some Halloween stamps, but when Roberts got them in their dollar spot we didn't have money. :o(
I got those three big stamp pads at Funfinity, only $5 for all three and they're washable!  Fabulously perfect for kids (made by Melissa and Doug).

My kids seriously love doing crafts.  I love Pinterest for giving me great craft ideas.  Though the mummy craft was based off of a mummy craft in the Family Fun Halloween craft ideas book at Target's One Spot. (their's uses craft sticks and wooden spoons)

Hazel Mae is sleeping in today.


Laurel said…
I would like to see what picture you put in that frame.

Great job doing all of those Halloween crafts!

I love sleeping babies!
Julianna said…
That picture frame is fabulous!

And I love the mummies. Too cute!
sleepless said…
Fun ideas !! Glad you let them do stuff !!
Jennifer said…
Love it! You are so creative and crafty! I just love reading your blog and looking at the pictures. The frame is wonderful!

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