A tooth!

Hazel Mae has been unusually fussy today.  I was testing to see if she was hungry again by offering her my knuckle when I realized something sharp rubbed my knuckle (she was hungry).  I felt her little gum again and indeed there was a sharp protrusion.  The kid is already getting a tooth.  Sorry for the blurry picture, she found this funny and was wiggling all over.  The tooth is right behind a little blood pocket on her gum(aka the dark spot with the whitish area next to it).
She also has begun reaching for things and holding her hands together.  We've adjusted her swing to sitting upright and she Loves the toy tray on it now or rather loves the elephant mommy attaches to it.  Except for this moment she just decided to let go of his ear and cry.  Poor teething girl!


Laurel said…
Wow she is an early teether!
Burnhams said…
It has already broken the gum and you didnt know it was on it's way? great! She is growing up so fast!
Kira =] said…
Wow! Already?! She is growing so fast it seems!

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