Trick or Treat

I always found the Halloween scene in Meet Me in St. Louis thoroughly entertaining.  But wondered about it.  There's no trick or treating as we knowing.  Just the kids running amuck the town destroying stuff and "killing" the people  (throwing flour in their faces).  Then I watched National Geographic's documentary on Halloween and learned that yep, that's what used to happen and it brought about trick or treating because kids were given treats in stead of the destruction or "tricks".  Huh.  Now you know.

Well even though half the houses we hit did not answer, we were nice and did no tricks.  The girls had a great time getting treats.  Mr. Man convinced them to wear their costumes and even he dressed up.  I tried to, i had half my costume on, couldn't find the skirt though.  My closet is a disaster.   After we did our trick or treating we went to the Bishop's house for some food.  Thanks Green family!!  I didn't have to make dinner!  I now forgive our ward for not having a trunk or treat, haha.

 Bumblebee and Butterfly Princess
 One of the things I love about living where we do, is we knew almost everyone we ran into or trick or treated   to.
 Hazel Mae, Queen of the Wild Things.
I wasn't able to catch her "Are we done yet" look that she kept giving us.

 Some of these steps up the the doors were SO big for Mischief.  We had to constantly empty her basket to reduce her chance of falling off balance and down stairs.

 A bit of socializing over the candy bowl.
 Handsome Mr. Man.  My mom made his shirt, I made the doublet.  Tristan Boots from Museum Replicas Limited (I think they're just called Museum Replicas now).
And all but 9 pieces of candy are in a box waiting for the pumpkin fairy to turn them into toys tonight.   We are quite fond of this tradition we are creating.  Kinda worried about Mischief's conprehension of it.  She did great with it last year......


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