Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is.....Duncan Hines Chocolate peanut butter brownies are really good.
Truth is.....I ate 6 of nine squares.
Truth is.....Hazel Mae is a very easy going baby.  She's content to watch and be held and smiles and coos and loves us all even when her sisters are totally in her face.
Truth is.....Pinterest is awesome.
Truth is.....Mysteries are my favorite type of book.  I used to prefer fantasy (the kind like Harry Potter or Robin Hood/Camelot/Medieval).
Truth is.....Tomorrow is picture day for Maddie.  We're not buying pictures. We figure I can take a better picture of her anyway.  If anything I'll buy a class picture on retake day next month.
Truth is.....My kids are stinkin' cute.
Truth is.....I'm going to go look up more things to do with my kids.  Thank you Pinterest for making that so easy!


Julianna said…
Finally cheacked out Pinterest last night.

Five words...

S'more Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies.

God help me.
sleepless said…
I have an interesting kinda scary couple of books if you want me to send them..

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