Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is.....I'm a total slacker lately.  I don't know what it is that's causing it, but it's annoying.

Truth is.....Time is passing me by.  Like really, I don't know where the time goes because at the same time some days feel like they last FOREVER.

Truth is.......We've been out of internet for a week.  I prescheduled these so people wouldn't freak out like last December.

Truth is......SOMEONE spent the bill money.  And the family picture money. And for once it wasn't me.

Truth is..... I often feel like Drama Queen is a lost cause.  She's darling and brilliant, but doesn't appreciate things the way I think she should and I think it's too late to fix that.

Truth is......I'm a very impatient irresponsible person.  Not a good choice for a parent.

Truth is.....Though I used to have super mom days, it's more like super mom 10 minutes now.  or maybe an hour.  So which s better/worse  One day a week to every two weeks of fantastic mom, or 10 minutes to an hour each day a few times a week of awesome interactive mom.

Truth is.....Tangled is my favorite Disney movie.  Only thing I don't like about it is how in your face the kiss at the end is.

Truth is.....I vacuumed the living room last Tuesday. for like the second time since the beginning of september.  Ya, i'm an awesome housekeeper like that.

Truth is.....I had to adjust Hazel Mae's carseat straps last week.  Had to raise the shoulder's a notch.  Growing way too fast.

Truth is.....I think hard boiled eggs are a great snack.  Drama Queen thinks it's hilarious I keep them in the butter compartment.

Truth one else in our house eats them.  Though Mr. Man will eat them if I turn them in to soy sauce eggs.  There's some better name for them than that, but I can't remember.

Truth is.....I have 3 crafts already planned for tomorrow.  Let's hope my cold stays at bay and my attitude stays hurray so we can do them all.

Truth is.....Mischief is calling mom.  Shoot! (it's nearly midnight)


sleepless said…
Truth is , just do the best you can with what you have to work with...the world goes on. Just love your kids and they will turn out okay...even if you don't have anything in common with them. It is great to hear from you again !.
Trishgoger said…
By soy sauce eggs, do you mean mashing them up like for egg salad sandwiches but instead it is just egg and soy sauce???
Julianna said…
I know how frustrating it is, but please don't think that she's a lost cause.

It is never too late. :)
Emily Robertson said…
Amen to Sheila and Julianna! Love you Abigail!

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