Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is....I really should have taken a before picture of the TV room on Tuesday night.  It's a nice way to appreciate the after even more.

Truth is......I love caffiene.  But only like once every three days otherwise it doesn't have the proper effect of making me feel like myself again.  

Truth is......having a cell phone again is really weird.  And boring compared to Mr. Man's who got an iphone 3.  I didn't want to pay for two data plans though.  Granted I still ended up with a touch screen which I did NOT want.  They had no phones that were just normal.  I mean sure, it's been 2 years since we had cell phones, but really, what happened to a good old fashioned fold it in half so you don't butt dial 9 key cell phone?

Truth is.......I'm jealous of his iphone3.  It's camera is way better than whatever this phone he picked for me has.  It's my fault though for not saying that if they had no flip phones/no phones that did not have touch screens, then get me an iphone3.  We could have both had the last two Target had.

Truth is........we get an employee discount on our phone plan.  Isn't that so awesome?  It's the only thing keeping me from growling at him about how much extra his data plan costs when the whole point of getting cells was that it'd cost less than what we're paying now for phone and internet.

Truth's my goal to have an easy clean house by the end of the year.  Each "donate" bag I fill is one step closer!  Though I'm mildly sad at no longer havin a chip/dip platter.  It took up way too much space though for something used only once a year......and not used for 3 years......

Truth is........once my house is not a frightening disaster any longer I'll have more time for fun drawing.  My girls are inspiring me to start drawing again an I'll be able to thanks to the sketch pads my parents gave me!

Truth is......I'm slow to admit I'm a decent artist.  But it's true, I'm not shabby for having had only one drawing class.  Granted that class was 7 years ago.....and I wish we had spent more time on crosshatching.  I really liked doing it.  Here's my radish, bell pepper, and broccoli:

And that's the one crosshatching class we did the whole semester.  *sad face*
This is Kim, she was one of my friends in the class.  We had to draw each other.  That's as much of her as I was able to get done in the 2 hr class.  I'm slow.  At least she has the essence of hair, right?

Truth is......I'm totally going to frost a granola bar with chocolate frosting right now.  I want chocolate......

Truth is......I call Hazel Mae by her middle name sometimes......lots of times.   Pondering requesting everyone to do so.  I think she looks it more than she looks a Hazel Mae.  I know that totally leaves any non-family clueless.  Sorry.

Truth is.....I'm bored.  Nothing to do online and no books to read, well I do have a few Christian romances I haven't read yet, but I'm in the mood for mystery.  Guess I'll go put laundry away and empty the dishwasher.


The Crazy Coxes said…
Isn't it so nice to fill up those bags with things you aren't using and get rid of them? I think you are a good artist! All of my kids (3) go by their middle names.
Trishgoger said…
1. I've been wondering if you ever drink coffee to get your caffeine fix. I know you like to indulge in sodas, and you probably didn't grow up with the flavor of coffee. But it had me wondering.

2. YOU ARE AN AMAZING DRAWER! I love painting, I'm pretty decent, not amazing. But when it comes to drawing, I'm not so good. You should definitely draw more and showcase it on here! I also know people who get paid to draw, you should look into that!

3. Is Mae not her middle name? My cousin is due in early November and is naming her daughter Mai Juliette, (pronounced My Juliette) .. I don't like it haha, I thought it was Mae, and I was excited.

Heather said…
I have a mystery book that I won from the publishing company, the book got released last week ;) let me know if you want to borrow it! And your drawing is fabulous :)
Laurel said…
What is her middle name? I thought it was Mae. Did you get my baby gift for her?
Julianna said…
I hate that the cel phone companies ALL charge at least an extra $20 for a data package even if you don't use it. Makes me crazy. We also get the cel discount through the PO. It's the best discount out there.

And HELLO?!?!? Awesome art!
I like your vegetable sketches.
sleepless said…
Aimee said…
Couple things.. I can live without my soda.. its a very bad addiction. I had the drawing you did of me in German class for years until my storage unit flooded. I loved that drawing. I paid my cousin to draw pix of dorothy's kids for xmas last year. So you can totally look in to that. I thought Mae was Hazel middle name too. Also I wish I was as honest as you.

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