Tutu Tuesday

Mischief is a bottomless pit today.  She has had:

  • bowl of cereal - imitation honey nut cheerios (dry, she hates milk with her cereal)
  • a serving of maple brown sugar oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup pirate booty puffs
  • a box of raisins
  • strawberry gelatin cup
  • and is working on some corn chips now

We need to go get more produce.

Today for Crazy Sock day, DW is wearing knee socks from different pairs.  both multicolored, but different colors.  And a green skirt and her witch legs shirt.  I'll get a picture when she gets home.  My brain wasn't functioning enough this morning to think of doing it before hand.

Hazel Mae is crabby today.  

Oh what fun!  All the kindergartners were given pumpkins!  Now we get to carve a pumpkin!


Aimee said…
Love your new blog lay out.:) DQ looks adorable. And ya for a pumpkin .. pumpkin carving is really fun. And good for mischief eating.

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