Vacuum with a Dyson

Once upon a time I was left alone in an exboyfriend's house over a weekend and I proceeded to make use of their Dyson.  And fell in love!  Seriously, Dyson's are the most awesome vacuums ever.  Fast forward 2 years and my mom gifted us with a (much needed) vacuum, a Dyson, cause I loved them.

We've been using our Dyson for a little over 5 years now.  It's still going strong.

One of my favorite things about the Dyson's is it's easy to take apart.  It's MADE to be taken apart.  So you can fix things and check for clogs yourself.  We've had to do that once.  And discovered a pencil, a paintbrush, and various other large bits inside blocking certain tubing.  I blame the at-the-time two year old.

Today I did something you're supposed to do every 6 months (hahahahaha).  I cleaned my dyson.  Now, we have cleaned the brush at least half a dozen times.  It gets pretty junked up with how much I shed, as well as thread bits from sewing and yarn bits from the kids projects.  Infact I need to do that again.

In conclusion, I think everyone should own a Dyson.  I will never own any other vacuum.  Yes they're a bit pricey, but I figure they last close to forever (if I recall properly, ours is a factory refurbished one).  And just because it seems what you're supposed to do I'm going to mention that Dyson has no idea who I am, nor that I love their vacuum so much and are not involved in this post praising their product in anyway.

Infact we kinda abuse our Dyson.  And by we, I mean the other adult in my household who occasionally vacuums and when doing so doesn't bother t scan the floor for large not vacuum friendly objects.  Today's impromptu cleaning was due to the fact that the Dyson wasn't have quite the power it normally does, it was still sucking stuff up, but not as strongly as usual.  And I discovered the culprit.  Someone at some point vacuumed up two full animal crackers, a 1-1/4" screw, half a crayon and a screw hook.  They were causing a blockage, resulting in a back up.

Problem fixed, vacuum is good as new.


sleepless said…
Wow, quite the testimonial !!! I am so glad your refurbished Dyson does so well..they say if it is refurbished it is often better because it has had personal attention !!
April said…
Our vacuums usually die when we have no money so hence the cheap of the cheapo vacuums:) I do lust after Dysons but the $80 vacuums will have to do for now:) Glad you love your vacuum--I have never had the satisfaction of loving one that I've owned so far:( Someday:)

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