We went to Target to get some things we were out of (diapers, eggs, milk, cheese, soy sauce) and Mr. Man decided to browse the Halloween section.  This reminded me of something Drama Queen said the other day.  It was a conversation about the best part of Halloween.  Her favorite part of halloween, besides the decorating, is...........the Pumpking Fairy.  That's right.  My kid loves that she gets to give away her candy and get something else instead.  Only "this year I don't want a fairy".  The Pumpkin Fairy left her a Tinkerbell doll last year.  I told Mr. Man the conversation and he said, What ARE we going to give her this year?  What does she like now? Well, the only thing the kid likes to do besides watch tv is draw and do crafts.  Really.  So does he think, great we'll get her a craft kit, or an art set!  No.  He says "What about that bike?"  Um.........No.  We are NOT giving her a bike in exchange for a bag of candy.  What will she expect next year then?  A pony?  He then wanted to know, well what will we get her?  I say, how about a book.  She likes books, or at least likes being read to.  Ya, I guess, he says.  Uuuuuuuuuuugggghhhh.  Book fair, this week at school.  I'm getting her a book.  Mischief can have a book too.  Either that or some doll clothes.

I can't tell if Mischief has diarrhea or if she simply hasn't had enough solids.  Yesterday it was more watery with chunks, but today it's well.....similar to a formula fed baby's.  And just as frequent.  Not to surprising considering all she has been willing to eat is a small bite of ice cream and she sucked the seeds out of 6 cherry tomatoes.  I just got her to eat a bite of cheese as well as remembering we got some more flavored mini rice cakes, so she's had 4 and has 4 more to eat.  Those are the one food she's sure to eat currently.  She only ate half her banana yesterday and hasn't been willing to eat hot dogs, though she still requests them.
Her rashes are almost completely gone again.  Could be because she's in a new diaper about every 2 hours.....or could be they were caused by food and she isn't eating, so ya.

Drama Queen is over at the neighbor's house, so no pictures of her, but here are some pictures of Mischief and Hazel Mae doing The Wheels on the Bus.

And now it's time to "Play me!" says Mischief.


The Leaf said…
I loved that story about what to get DQ from the Pumpkin Fairy. LooOoved it! I don't know why it was just funny. :)

Cute pictures of a smiley baby and Mischief's (I almost forgot her blog name) dress is adorable!
sleepless said…
you do have beautiful girls !! So," play her"!!
Burnhams said…
Ya, save the bike for Christmas or a birthday. how long is her attentionspan? Would she like being red to out of a chapter book? Like Charlottes web or little house on the prairie?

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