Well, ya called it.  It did not take the dye.  Oh well, Mr. Man is the one who had an issue with the sun faded look of it.

Sooooooooo.  It is 10:28am.  I didn't get out of bed until after 8am (thank you Mr. Man!).  Got the kids dressed and it went like this:
DQ: But I don't have any pants!  I don't have any panties!  There's only a skirt and it's too big!
Mischief: Lala! Lala! Lala!  No! Want Lala! This (Deese) Lala!  
Lala = dress.
She wanted to wear every princess dress........that's size 5 or 6.  Appeased her with a 24 month fancy dress.  Sure it's floor length on her, (and yes she's nearly 2 and a half, still fits 18 month) but she's happy.

Thankfully Hazel Mae is happy today.  All smiles and fun.  Fell asleep in the crib while playing with her play gym from Ikea that we all love.  Well, I don't know if Mr. Man loves it, but all the girls in this house do!

Once the kids were dressed I asked Mr. Man to unload the dishwasher, and then loaded it up and it ran while I took Drama Queen to school.  She was almost late.  Her class was just going in as we pulled into the parking lot.

Got home, started a load of laundry, changed the girls diapers, gave Mischief a V8 fusion spiked with a bio salude (acidophilus) she ate about a third of her banana and two bites of oatmeal this morning.  It's actually more than she's eaten some other mornings.  She'd rather have an all liquid diet of juice and pediasure.

Time to put the stuff in the washer into the dryer and start another load going.  Then keep working on picking up the TV room. and taking out some more trash.

Hazel Mae just woke up. She's probably cold, not being wrapped since she had been playing.

Here are some pictures from Thursday to Sunday. Sorry I didn't do any editing.


sleepless said…
Wow..Mischief has lots of curly hair now ! She looks so tiny on all those steps !! Oil that cradle cap a lot before you try getting it out. Hazel looks happily fed ! Thanks for sharing photos !
The Leaf said…
I don't know why my name changed to "The Leaf." Its confusing.

Anyway, sorry to be right about that, it happened to me once too.

I use that oil trick on Natalie sometimes even now. She gets sunburned on her part and when it peels it is just like cradle cap!

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