Yes!  Mischief will drink chicken broth from a sip cup.  She's drunk about half a cup.  I know it's not high calorie wise, but it's something else that she'll intake which is wonderful.  So today she's had a Clif Kids fruit rope, and some chicken broth.  Oh good.  She drank it all and had 4 bites of brown rice.  She even asked for more broth, so we'll see if she actually drinks it all again.

For family home evening we went for a walk in the canyon.  We walked from Canyon Glen Park to Bridal Veil Falls.
 Drama Queen brought a bag along incase she found anything to use for crafts.
 Provo River

 We saw one of these caterpillars during our walk in the canyon last week too!  Mischief loves spotting them.

 Bridal Veil Falls.  Complete with a bride and groom doing pictures.
 Mischief was there!
 So was Hazel Mae.
 And five minutes back down the trail I discovered this.  Uh oh!  Thankfully Mischief only stayed up until 9:30.
 This morning we walked Drama Queen to school.  Hazel Mae slept through it.  It was cold and cloudy.
 Mischief walked halfway back home all by herself.

 It was cold.
 When we went to pick Drama Queen up from school it started raining.  Thankfully mommy had expected it and packed DQ's raincoat and boots.

 Once we were home we had lunch and then it was craft time!  Today we made purple spiders.
 Mommy cut spider bodies out of cardstock and Drama Queen helped punch eight holes in them for the pipe cleaner legs to go through.

 Mommy used some tacks to put a holey piece of grey cheesecloth (from the dollar store halloween stuff) across the window.  The girls(and mommy) then put the spiders on the "web".


sleepless said…
Darling photos !! thanks for sharing..awesome craft !! HOW FUN !!
Kira =] said…
Thank you for the craft idea! We will definitely be doing this!!

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