I like coconut milk best of the non animal "milks".  But it's the So delicous kind that I've always had.  Despite what you think, coconut milk doesn't taste like coconut.
Or it didn't until Silk got ahold of it.  I poured me a glass right now hoping it'd coat my sore throat and make it feel better, but no. Well, it kind of did.  But I had to gag it down.  Don't get me wrong.  I like coconut.  It's yummy in cookies and pies and cakes.  And Mounds/Almond joys.  But as a drink, well it's good in a pinacolada.  I had to pull the carton back out and check the ingredient label.  Sure enough the like third ingredient is "Natural flavor".  UCK!  Way too strongly flavored.  Guess I'll still have to drive down to Sunflower Market for my milk.

In other news, Hazel Mae gave some darling belly chuckles while doing Happy and you Know it today.  Her first real laugh.  And though she just gives me a confused look when I try playing peek-a-boo with her, she's absolutely delighted with daddy doing it right now.  She's such a daddy's girl.  She'll sit with him in the glider for more than an hour just happy as can be.


sleepless said…
coconut and me ..we are NOT friends. How fun that Haze laughs !!! Such darling daughters you have..and such cute clothes they are wearing in all these photos. ! I want to walk to Bridal Veil Falls !!
Myhouse4nine said…
I have been trying the little cans of coconut milk lite you get at sunflower for soups. It makes them very creamy, with out the milk issues. I haven't tried to drink it though.
Kira =] said…
Maybe I should try the So Delicious brand, because all the other coconut milk I try is horrid for me, too. I love the Almond Breeze unsweetened Vanilla milk.

I love when they first start to laugh- so sweet!

Josie also has a nook in between Ben's arm and side that she still likes to get into and will gladly sit for over an hour with him.

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