Bottomless Pit

Mischief has gone from not eating, to eating almost non stop.
Breakfast: bowl of golden puffs with milk
Snack: banana
Lunch: corn dog with a copious amount of ketchup and sweet potato waffle fries
Snack: applesauce

She is now begging for dinner.  And so long as today continues the same as the past week or so, she'll eat all her dinner, have num num milk at bedtime, and still wake up hungry at 2am.


sleepless said…
Awesome..Let her eat !!! thanks for sharing all the cute tric-or treating photos !!
Julianna said…
Gotta be a growth spurt.
Laurel said…
Yup, sounds like she is growing.
Myhouse4nine said…
YAY! finally growing again!

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