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Due to a giveaway going on, I'm making a post about the Vision Forum.  I discovered them a year or so ago, while looking for Life of Faith dolls.  They don't carry Life of Faith dolls (well, no one does anymore), but they have a TON of awesome products that I'd totally want to buy if I had a little boy.  They also carry a large selection of educational and Christian DVDs as well as Christian Books.  I enjoy Christian books more than others.  Mind you some Christian novels are far too sappy for my liking, but at least they're clean.  When I was a child I LOVED (and still love, hence having almost the entire collection) the Mandie series.  I can't think of the author off the top of my head, but they're a good middle reader series.  Each has a scripture at the beginning if I remember right.  They're published by Bethany House.  Anyway, when we moved up here I discovered I had a copy of Elsie Dinsmore, which I was familiar with entirely because of the Life of Faith dolls.  So I was excited to discover that, I had picked it up due to it's age and the pretty cover.  Unfortunately it literally fell apart as I read the first book of that dear little girl's story.  Yes, she made me cringe and want to hurl on occasion with how perfectly righteous she is, but really, she is an excellent example for little girls.  To always turn to the Lord for help and be kind to others even if they are not kind to you, and other Christ like qualities.  She does cry an awful lot also.  Anyway, Vision Forum has the entire series of Elsie Dinsmore books, I totally want it.  They also have some great looking books on developing a godly home.  Godly seems like a odd word to me "what you're trying to be God?" but no, it just means a faithful God fearing home.  But what have I wanted most from Vision Forum for years, besides their Christian books?  The Patriotic Textbook Set
For home schooling of course.  Their description explains it well:
There are several books that every home school family needs to bring to their table this year.
For the foundations of your faith and worldview bring your Bible. To help you define your words and build your vocabulary in terms of that Christian worldview bring your Webster’s 1828 Dictionary — a self-consciously Christian standardization of the English language that continues to provide “original intent” explanations and Scripture-based definitions to tens of thousands of home educators today.
Add in The Original Blue-Backed Speller published in 1873 by Noah Webster created to provide an American, Christ-centered approach to training children, and then the New England Primer which was the used by almost all of the Founding Fathers of our country in their primary training, and you have a tremendous resource set for laying the foundations of education with your young students!

So yes, I enjoy the Vision Forum's catalog.  I hope to someday order from it.  I know Mr. Man would love the high impact practice swords they have.  I think every woman should watch and learn from the Homestead Blessings DVDs.  If they have time and the desire, of course.  Not everyone has to think the way I do.   Though it'd be easier if my husband did!  Anyway.  This is my blog post proclaiming the wonderfulness of the Vision Forum Family Catalog (one of the few catalogs my girls are NOT allowed to mark in, as it is yearly not monthly like some) and how they sell great Christian Books, and how I want to win the $300 gift card they've given The Modest Mom.


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