Dry cracked knuckles.
Everyone but me asleep before 8pm.
Pile of clean clothes on the couch.
Glass of Dr. Pepper TEN.
Husband cleaned kitchen.
Bones almost on tv.
Freshly showered.
No more hair tangles.
Paula is wearing a very bad color lipstick for her.
The lighting is harsh on her wrinkles, showing her age.
Lame drama.
Apparently 3 spirits have visited Simon before Christmas.
He's being too nice.
Next we know he'll be taking a goose to the group just cut.
Munchies for salty.
Walked/jogged 2 miles today.
Vacuumed the girls room today.
Caffiene starting to kick in.
Really want a steak and loaded baked potato.
Oh the rats on Bones are so cute!!!
It's true, I like rodents.
They are adorable and make wonderful pets.
The end.


sleepless said…
That is a lot of disjointed thoughts ! OKAY !

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