Growing up, we had an "neighborhood grandma".  Her name was Molly and her husband was Otto.  They had two dogs, Lady and Annie.  We'd go down to their house and she'd give us candy and we'd sit and talk for awhile.  Some days longer than other, as I was a child and admit sometimes I simply wanted the candy.

Where we live now the girls have two "neighborhood grandmas".  One is next door and Drama Queen goes over them about once a week and will play for a few hours.  The other is up the street a few trailers and she's much like Molly.  She loves the neighborhood kids and delights in their company.  If her door is open, you know you can stop in for a lollipop and some hugs.  I love talking with her because she is nonjudgemental and has entertaining stories.

Today she stopped by our house, because she had come across a little dress and thought it would fit Mischief.  Oh my, Mischief's joy at being offered a dress.  It's a darling dress too, I'll have her wear it to church tomorrow and get pictures.  Mischief eagerly accepted that dress and most willingly gave Joyce a hug in exchange.  It was so cute.

Anyway, we love Joyce and Linda, the girl's unofficial grandmas.


Julianna said…
The family we pick is often MUCH better than the family we're given. :)

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