I don't have much to say lately.  Been pondering next year's garden and the canning of it.  Here are some pictures.


sleepless said…
Such Beautiful girls !! Thanks for the photos !!
sleepless said…
I picked you up an old canning jar lifter at a yard sale St.
Laurel said…
Once when I was looking at your blog, Natalie saw a picture of DQ and asked who she was. I told her and she said, "Oh, I want her to come over so I can meet her one day."

I told her, "You know, you've met her before, you used to play together once in a while when she lived here in California."

She asked, "Why did she move?"

I said, "Um, she just did."

She seemed dubious. Later we were looking at some old pictures of her and there were some of her playing at your parent's old house with DQ. She said, "Whose that, Mom?"

I told her who she was and was glad for the evidence that they had, in fact, played before.

So, the moral of this story is that Natalie wants to play with DQ.

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