Mischief:  I hungry mom.  I hungry.
Me: I could make.....
Mischief: grapes.
Me: No, we're out of grapes.  I could make oatmeal or soup?
Mischief: No, all gone, it's lost.
Me: We have some I could make.
Mischief: No. No want.

And today............Mommy is sick.  SOOOoo, it's a chicken noodle soup day.   I'm going to try making my own noodles.  With gluten-free flour.  Got supplies at the grocery store yesterday.  Today my eye was goopy and my head and throat feel all thick and foggy.  Lovely.  Hazel Mae's dr. appointment is this afternoon.  At least I can leave the other girls home with Mr. Man who is still throwing up.

A friend mentioned Celiac disease after reading my post about Mischief.  I looked it up, and sure enough, she has almost every symptom of it - the ones she doesn't have are: vomiting (she doesn't eat enough to have anything to throw up), and two we can't see a result of due to age: delayed puberty and dental enamel defects to permanent teeth.  What are the symptoms she has?

  •  Diarrhea or constipation (or both)
  •  Failure-to-thrive
  •  Short stature
  •  Poor appetite or food aversion
  •  Vomiting
  •  Bloated abdomen or stomach
  •  Fatigue and irritability
  •  Weight loss (although people can be overweight or of normal weight)
  •  Iron deficient anemia  (well her iron level was actually okay last time we were at WIC)
  •  Behavioral changes
So I'm going to see if the allergist can order the blood test for it, or I'll ask the Pediatrician about it at Hazel's appointment today.  Yesterday when they weighted Mischief she weighed 24 pounds.  If you take away the pound her princess dress must have weighed, then she weighs 23 pounds, which means she's gained all of one pound this YEAR.  Anyway.  That's what I am looking into now.  


Emily Robertson said…
I'm so sorry you guys are sick!!! Everyone I talk to has someone in their family throwing up. Tons of kids were gone from school because of the flu. Im sorry you guys got hit with it. Get well soon!!!!!!! Love you!!!!
Laurel said…
Well, if she does have celiac or any similar problem, then I hope she is diagnosed quickly so that dietary changes can be made and she can feel better.

I'm sorry that you guys are all sick!
Laurel said…
I was googling some more and I read here: http://kidshealth.org/parent/medical/allergies/celiac_disease.html that skin rashes are also a celiac symptom, especially around the elbows, buttocks and knees. Hasn't Mischief had problems with rashes too?
Julianna said…
I sent you an email. :) Good luck on the soup. I never can get the consistancy right for the noodles. I usually just use wild rice.

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