Mischief Monday Update for Laurel and everyone

Mischief has an ear infection.

I admit I don't know the difference between a wheat allergy and a gluten allergy.  Isn't gluten from wheat?  Therefore if you're allergic to gluten you're allergic to wheat and vice-versa?  Mr. Man has ulcerative colitis, which is not as bad as Crohn's Disease, but may or may not develop into Crohn's Disease?  I'm not sure, neither is he I think.  Thankfully we can apply for PCN health insurance on the 10th so next time he has a flare up he can do something other than be miserable.

Mischief decided to NOT put on her shoes (she had taken them off when they weighed her, which I thought was hilarious because her dress has got to weigh at least a pound...) when we left the doctors office and being the on the all mom that I am, I did not notice until I buckled her into the car.  I was not pleased.  And am still not thrilled, but there was no way I was going to unbuckle everyone to go get them.  Hazel has an appointment tomorrow, I'll ask about them then.

I'm seriously running out of patience with these children today.


Julianna said…
A Gluten allergy is an intolerance to wheat oats barley and rye. A wheat allergy would be just an intollerance to wheat, but no reation to the rest.

Usually you have to eliminate them all for about a year and then try to add one back in a time (similar to when you wean foods in as babies) to see if you have a reaction.

If your hubs has UC, I would definitely try the diet for both of them. Celiac is genetic, children who have one parent have a 30% of getting it. UC's most common precursur is a gluten intollerance that was not caught young enough, and has now caused permanent damage to the intestine. You may not get your hubs to change his ways, but it's worth a shot for your girl.

Sorry if I'm going on and on... This is my way of life. feel free to tell me to shut up at any time. :)

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