Mischief, dressed for Thanksgiving dinner, standing infront of our "Thankful" tree.

I've mentioned Mischief's health issues on here before and you're about to hear about them again.  One of my facebook friends who is a photographer has a blog.  She only posts monthly, pretty much, but the pictures are gorgeous.  Yesterday I hopped over to it and was scrolling through when I stopped on a post about her, then, seven year old daughter.  As I was reading it I couldn't help but think that it sounded like Mischief.  The screaming, dark circles under the eyes.....well here's what I emailed her to say: I was over at your blog admiring your gorgeous photography (and your girls clothes) when I happened to read the post on your seven year old. And was surprised to discover just how much it sounds like my two year old. Now I know yes, 2 year olds normally have a short attention span and don't always understand what you ask them to do and think screaming is great, but it just always seems somewhat off with my little [Mischief]. But what got me most is that you said you daughter would "say "my tummy is making me do it". Our 2 year old often tells us "tummy sad" when she is having what we call "hard days". I've suspected that something is wrong internally, and so does her Pediatrician but neither of us have answers. Her pediatrician just says to take her to an allergist. We don't have any pediatric allergists local so I need to get ahold of Medicaid to see where they want us to go. I think it's more than allergy related because she isn't growing. It concerns her doctor and I but like I said the doctor has no answers besides to give her pediasure, but even 3 pediasures a day hasn't helped. She's 2 1/2 and fits 18 month clothes. Anyway. I was wondering if you would share some more details about your daughter's diagnosis so I can see if it does sound more like my own daughter, and can maybe get a clue as to what direction we should go.

She sent me a message back this morning, and I scheduled an appointment for Mischief at her pediatrician's this afternoon.  Her pediatrician had once said she wanted to do a thorough bloodwork-up, but we never got it set up.  And I really want to even more now.  Because I have noticed over the last few months, that wheat seems to be a trigger.  I am still not sure about dairy, but wheat for sure is questionable.  The times that Mischief has issues tends to be when she has had wheat or we are trying to feed her a wheat product.  Those are the days when we get the "tummy sad" comments.  She does avoid wheat on her own.  If she's very hungry, she'll eat a bit otherwise the only grain products she willingly eats are rice cakes and corn chips.  She knows what makes her feel okay and what doesn't.  Mr. Man wants to wait until she's older so we can see if it actually is due to some health issue or if it's just because she's two, but I don't like that logic.  Why should she have to suffer for years?  I admit it's hard to give her a diet different that what we are having.  Drama Queen and Mischief tend to have a limited menu for lunches, cause I like easy.  Peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread, macaroni and cheese hot dogs and fruit, chicken nuggets and veggies.  Those are their basics.  All include wheat except the hot dogs, and well, in truth the hot dog meal is the only one that Mischief eats entirely.  She will lick out the peanut butter and jam from her sandwich.  She refuses entirely to eat Mac N cheese, and she usually eats only one nugget and her vegetables.
 Mischief being "schroeder" on Thanksgiving afternoon.

So now you know more about our guessing game.  I guess I need to stick with the selective foods for her for longer than I did last time.  We've got an appointment scheduled with an allergist (turns out the local one does take 2 year olds, as they only do skin testing) for Wednesday when we will meet with the doctor.  Apparently our insurance requires a meeting to talk first and then we can schedule testing.  
And now I'm out of things to say about that until after her appointment this afternoon.  I've distracted her and Drama Queen with their little pink "tree" to decorate in their bedroom...  (And yes Isaac, I know I said I'd be home all today except for taking Maddie to, and picking up from school but when they have room day of, you go!)


Laurel said…
So, are you suspecting she has a gluten problem? Or a wheat allergy?

What did the return email say from that girl?
Laurel said…
I have an aunt with celiac disease (she was diagnosed as a child) and I've heard about it more and more lately.

Anyway, after reading your post about Mischief I was just curious and thinking about it and read up on some of the symptoms. It got me wondering . . . did they ever officially diagnose Mr. Man of whatever was going on with him? B/c I was reading that celiac disease can mimic crohn's disease and other intestinal diseases. The thought occurred to me that perhaps his problems and hers could be related.

Anyway, please let me know how her appointment goes and I hope everything works out. Feel better Mischief!
Laurel said…
Again, I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm just googling stuff. But, if you do think she has a wheat allergy, rather than a gluten allergy, I read that children usually outgrow that by 3 to 5 years, so that would be good news.

Anyway, good luck at the Dr!
Julianna said…
OK. So glad I stopped by today. :) First, Damn! She is cute!

Second.... Youngest has Celiac and ASD. His ASD is triggered by gluten. Basicly the protien leaches into his brain, attaches to the neurons that control impulse, and act as a blocker.

It was like having a child on heroin.

Flip of the switch moods, over the top excessive reations, obsessive behavior over a teeny tiny detail. Violent outursts, often pacing in circles, and an inability to really engage with other kids. He would play, but his violent swings made it near impossible to make and reatain friends. Add to this, his short size, constant constipation, his hand tremmors, his claiming his "brain was on fire" after eating certain foods, and I have no idea how the entire medical community missed his diagnosis.

He was off gluten for 3 weeks and became an entirely different kid. He grew 2 inches in 3 months because his body got the nutrients it needed. His hands stopped shaking, and he stopped having accidents because he had muscle control. His behavior completely stopped.

We have been GF since 07. Neither one of us tested positive for Celiac markers, as we did not have enough damage yet to do so. PLease, PLEASE, email me directly if you have any questions about trying this for her. It's not easy, but if it makes her days a bit better it's totally worth it.

Emily Robertson said…
So sorry! Poor baby & poor mommy! I don't think ulcerative colitis has anything to do with wheat. Matt only has flare ups when he is highly stressed...but who knows! Hopefully things will workout & the doctors will figure out what to do about poor little Mischief! By the way, are you guys coming to the baptism on saturday? We would love to visit with you!!!
sleepless said…
Life sure has a way of educating us doesn't it..we just never know what kind of education we aare going to get ! Good luck with your education !

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