Mischief - When given the option of a white shirt with teal flowers or an off-white button up colored shirt (it does have velvet ribbon trim, so it is girly) she chose the button-up, exclaiming, "Jesse shirt!!  I wear Jesse shirt! I Jesse!"  (Jesse is a friend at Church.  Two Sunday's ago she kept standing up backwards on our pew so she could see him.)

Running from the computer room to the tv room when she heard the Word World music, "OH!  I like that show!  Frog!  I like frogs!"

While mom was using the potty, she came in to announce her hands were dirty and she needed to "Wash them myself!" climbed up to the counter, washed her hands then requested help getting down.  Not everything is "myself"!

We picked up the mail and there was an American Girl catalog.  I handed it to Mischief and she exclaimed, "Dowwy!(Dolly)  I need pen!"  Yes, I'm training them well.

Unfortunately it's not all cuteness and entertainment with Mischief.  She wakes up before Drama Queen(and everyone else) and does her rooster impression.  It results in waking Drama Queen (and everyone else) up.  So we have a tired DQ these days.  A tired DQ is an irrational and emotional DQ.  She's currently in her bed, crying for the 10th time today (I do feel for her, but literally, she's crying over everything), this time it's because she was in the playroom screaming at Mischief that she didn't want to play.  So I told her to get out of the playroom because the playroom is for playing.  Who's idea was it to have a bunch of moody and dramatic little girls?!

And now the many expressions of Miss Hazel Mae:

Isn't her "confusion" face adorable.  She gives us that look all the time.  She thought the camera cord was great fun to grab:
And I was thrilled to see I did get a picture of her mouth open minus hand, so you can see her tooth!

Mischief and Drama Queen were playing "school".


Julianna said…
They are all so cute! And they look so much like you. :)
sleepless said…
Oh darlin...the moodiness and drama has only just begun....I had to learn to let it run water off a duck's back. Is DQ getting her daily vitamin ? [ B vitamins help with mood.]
Laurel said…
When you said "Jesse Shirt" I thought you meant a cowgirl shirt like Jesse from Toy Story.

Those are all cute things that Mischief said. I think that age, about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 is the best time for cute things they say.

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