When my sister and I were young we'd occasionally play princesses.  I don't remember much regarding it besides our "names".  We were Princess Snowflake and Princess Buttercup.  Princess Buttercup was the far better princess to be and I recall one time she let me be Princess Buttercup and I was so happy and it made me feel so special that she was being Princess Snowflake for once so I could be Princess Buttercup!  Really, it has stuck with me all these years.  It was on the forefront of my mind today after the girls changed into dresses to play Princesses.  They were squabbling about something Princess related and I decided to distract them from that by giving them their Princess names.
Mischief as Princess Sugar Plum and Drama Queen as Princess Forsythia.

Princesses Sugar Plum and Forsythia set sail.

One cold autumn day Princess Forsythia thought
it would be lovely to set sail in the puddles of melted snow.

Delighted with the prospect of being out of doors again,
Princess Sugar Plum eagerly joined her elder sister
and gracefully set her own boat adrift in the icy deep.
After determining that the ships were not casting off due to the weight, the passengers were invited to disembark and instead explore the depths of the Queen's coat pockets.
Once more, the Princesses set their ships a-sail upon the waters.
Having no breeze with which to move on their own accord, the boats were given aid in their travel.
Alas, caught up in the delight of the adventure her little paper boat was having, Princess Sugar Plum failed to notice that she too was in the puddle.
Cold and wet, the Princesses returned to their royal castle where they carefully left their elegant footwear at the gate.


Laurel said…
Yesterday during Sophie's party the older girls (12-14) spent the entire time trying on all my formals and showing themselves to the moms. It struck me how we never really grow out of playing dress ups!

Is Maddie wearing one of the dresses from your wedding?
Sleepy said…
That is a great story. You could make a children's book from it with accompanying pictures. I loved it!!!
sleepless said…
How Cute is that !!! I love this story !! and photos !!
Laurel said…
I was about to say that would make a very cute children's book. You could do a whole series about all the stuff your girls do.
Aimee said…
Wow, I love it. Totally make a series on the two beautiful princesses and their adventure. Add the pictures of the girls put in photo album. What a great way to remember playtime as a child.

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